ZiiLock anti-theft alarm lock

ZiiLock unlocks with thumb or phone

Fumbling with keys on a motorcycle disc or wheel lock is no longer a problem with this ZiiLock bike lock which unlocks with a thumbprint or smartphone.

ZiiLock which is based in Pasadena, California, and Taiwan, has an open-ended Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign to launch their alarm bike lock.

It has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars to put the lock into production with shipping in December.

We warn potential supporters of Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns that they may not receive a refund unless specified. If the campaign does not, backers will have to contact the campaigner for a refund, put a stop to their payment or cancel their credit card.

Motorcycle lock

Although it is advertised as a bicycle lock, we thought it would also be good for a motorcycle.

We contacted them and they agreed, sending us the above photo as proof.

Up to 96% of stolen motorcycles are not fitted with a security device despite theft rates being doubled that of cars.

ZiiLock costs $US179 (about $A270), but funding supporters can get it for $US99 ($A148).

The lock features a 98cm “unbreakable” temper-hardened foldout arm that goes around the wheel, brake disc and/or a fixture.

They say it will withstand up to a 10-tonne hydraulic cutter.

It also has an alloy steel casing for high drilling resistance and has two-sided milling tooth and multiple bullet pieces which make it difficult to pick or counterfeit.

ZiiLock smart alarmZiiLock anti-theft alarm lock

ZiiLock doesn’t come with a loud, screeching alarm that everyone in the vicinity will ignore anyway.

Instead, the waterproof lock has an always-on alarm that sends an alert to your phone when it senses movement and indicates the bike’s location.

But the great feature is that it can be unlocked with a normal key, or a smartphone or even your finger or thumb print.

Of course, it’s not impossible for a thief to lop off your finger or thumb, or steal your phone to gain access. However, it looks like a pretty good system to us.

They say that all the wireless communications are encrypted by AES 256 military-level security.ZiiLock anti-theft alarm lock

However, if you need to share your bike with someone, you can share fingerprint access with up to 20 others.

ZiiLock is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that will last more than tree months.

If it does run out, you can still use the mechanical key.

The whole lock folds away and fits in your hand so it can be carried under some motorcycle seats or in a jacket pocket or your backpack.

It comes in red or grey.

  1. There is a YouTube channel called the lockpicking lawyer
    Go there before choosing any lock for your bike.
    Some very expensive locks are so easily defeated that they could be beaten by a monkey.

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