Yamaha Root
Yamaha Root

Yamaha Square Root a musician’s concept

Yamaha Square Root is the unfortunate name for the company’s latest concept motorcycle. But that’s what you get when you let musicians loose on a motorcycle design.

Yamaha Root
Yamaha Square Root

The Japanese company has only released one photo of the Yamaha √ (square root) design concept which shows a stripped-down MT-07 with a suspended seat right along the length of the bike like some sort of roof. Weird, huh?


Not only that, but it prevents the rider from seeing the instruments.

The design concept is the result of an internal design contest called AH A MAY, which is Yamaha in reverse.

It pits the designers from the Yamaha Corporation who make musical instruments and sound systems against the Yamaha Motor Co Ltd who make motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft.

The company is not committed to making any of the resulting products, but it is a great way to probe the minds of designers and get them to think outside the box.

It’s not a new idea. Even David Bowie managed to do it with his band by getting each member to play different instruments to see what happened!

Yamaha MT-07
Yamaha MT-07

Sometimes the outcome can be surprising.

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