Yamaha MyRide app

Yamaha MyRide app ‘improves rider skills’

Yamaha says they are improving the skills of riders with their new free app, MyRide, which records top speed, acceleration, lean angle, location and more and allows riders to share the data with friends.

There are many similar apps and all could be incriminating to the rider if the police confiscate their phone, action camera or SD card.

Don’t believe it can’t happen. If police believe you have been involved in criminal activity, they have the right to confiscate suitable evidence.

Click here to find out what to do if police ask for your SD card, phone or camera.

MyRide app

Meanwhile, the Yamaha MyRide app is developed by Yamaha Europe, but it also works in Australia if you allow the app to access your location.

The free app works wIth IOS and Android platforms and you only have t secure your phone in your pocket or on your bike for it to record data.

However, if you lean off your bike and store your phone in your jacket picket, you’re going to have deeper lean angles that the bike. It’s a great way to cheat and then brag to your fiends!

Yamaha says the data collected will help riders analyse their skills and enhance their riding skills.Yamaha MyRide app

It also allows riders to record their trip, map out routes and share them with other riders as GPX files so they can then be downloaded to a GPS.

You can also make phots and add them to your trip.

RevTranslator app

It’s not Yamaha’s first motorcycling app.

In July 2014, Yamaha Japan developed the RevTranslator app that “translated engine noise into Japanese and English”.Yamaha MyRide app RevTranslator

It was obviously just a fun novelty app, but it was downloaded by thousands.

The translation app was discontinued on August 31, 2016.

  1. Another case of us drowning in our own crap. I despair over these so called enhancements to the riding experience – HUD displays, helmet communication, wifi/internet to your bike… Surely the greatest enhancement would be to move your gaze higher and take-in the surrounds.

  2. Purposely used my GPS speedo apps on the Japanese bullet trains recently.
    Looking forward to explaining 300kph to the officer !

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