Yamaha Tracer 700 MT-07 FZ-07 sexy video

Yamaha MT-07 goes sexy touring

Yamaha has released a sexy video to promote the new touring version of its popular MT-07 featuring an attractive young couple skinny dipping and sharing some bed and riding time.

Like the MT-09 Tracer, the Tracer 700 is basically a touring version with luggage points and a few extra touring comfort features such as a 12V outlet in the front cowl, hand neat guards including indicators, manually-adjustable windscreen and some sexy restyling with new headlights and half fairing. Yamaha Tracer 700 MT-07 FZ-07 sexy video

Yamaha Australia does not yet know if or when we will get the bike and what the price premium will be over the high output model at $9999. The MT-07 also comes in LAMS format at $9599, but there is no point in a LAMS model Tracer as restricted licences don’t allow pillions.

The Tracer 700 will be released in Europe and the US in July at £6299/€8000/US$9000, luggage not included. (The MT-07 and MT-09 are referred to as FZ-07 and FZ-09 in some countries.)

While the 689cc twin engine has the same output (55kW and 68Nm), the Tracer 700 gets a 50mm longer wheelbase for touring stability, 1 7-litre tank (up 3L) for greater range and kerb weight is increased 29kg to 196kg.

To cope with the extra payload, the front brakes are now dual discs instead of a single disc and the suspension is said to be “modified”.

It retains 17-inch rubber, so it’s a road-based bike, while there is talk of a 700cc version of the Tenere adventure bike coming later this year.

The Tracer 700 will be available in black, red and blue. You can judge for yourself whether the touring bike is sexy or not.

Yamaha Tracer 700 MT-07 FZ-07 sexy video

  1. No point in a LAMS? RUBBISH!

    There’s more to this bike than just two up riding. I love the look of the MT-07 but do a lot of long distance riding and this would be perfect! And yes, I’m a LAMS rider.

  2. Well hopefully Yamaha do release a LAMS version of this bike ‘coz I’d gladly upgrade my CB500X to this , especially having restrictions for another 2 years to get through.
    Trying to use the pillion as a reason not do have a LAMS version is pretty lame.

  3. Now this is a bike I’m looking forward to. As an everyday commuter, something practical, comfortable and capable of having fun on is my priority, and as lovely as it’s been, now that my partner has bought a helmet, jacket and gloves to ride pillion with, so is something with a bit more go than my current CBR500R.

    My only question is though, the wet weight quoted is higher than the larger MT-09 Tracer (188kg)…I wonder why?

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