MT-09 Street Tracker

Yamaha dealer adds MT-09 Street Tracker

A UK Yamaha dealer has built a Street Tracker version of the naked motard MT-09 and it will be available throughout Europe from August.MT-09 Street Tracker
Yamaha Motor Australia is also considering the bike which is built from genuine factory parts, but they haven’t made a decision yet.
The MT-09 Street Tracker marks the first birthday of the MT line which now includes the MT-09, MT-07 and MT-125.
This Steet Tracker version features matt finish components, black frame and engine, Akrapovic exhaust, wider footrests, knee grips on the tank, gold upside-down forks and aluminium front and side number plates. Yamaha claims the plates provide additional wind protection.
The 850cc 3-cylinder engine has a tasty bronze cylinder head to match the wheels.MT-09 Street Tracker
The two-tone seat has a brown leather top and black Alcantara look sides.
These changes make the bike which has been inspired by the ‘dark side of Japan’ look even more menacing.
Personally, I think it’s a triumph, but I can understand YMA’s cautiousness after a failed aftermarket bobber kit for the popular XVS650 cruiser. However, that wasn’t done with genuine factory parts. This could easily be achieved by an owner just bolting on the parts.

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