X-Lite X-551 adventure helmet
X-Lite X-551 adventure helmet

X-Lite helmets coming under new laws

New helmet laws that allow European UNECE22.05 helmets to be sold in Australia have led to the re-introduction of high-quality X-Lite helmets made by Italian company Nolan.

Australian helmet importers Ron Angel Wholesale says the first X-Lite helmet will be the X-551 adventure helmet with more models to come.

“X-Lite helmets are one of the world’s premium helmet brands, and are quite massive in Europe and other areas,” says national manager Grant Sammut.

“We used to import a few X-Lite models, but committing to re-configuring three hand-laid composite-fibre shell sizes and six EPS liners for each model to suit Australian standards became a less viable option after the GFC.

“Now that ECE is allowed, we are starting to get back into it.”

The helmet will cost $699 and will only be available in plain white or flat black at the moment “just to get the ball rolling as that’s where about 80+% of the sales come from” Grant says.

X-Lite X-551 GT Calama helmet
Calama graphics coming

We can special order graphics in (retail at $799), and will branch into the graphics later so we’ve got something a bit fresh to release after they get established a bit.”

The X551 has been available overseas for several years and is highly regarded.

It will be available in sizes XSM to XXL and is ready for the integrated Nolan N-Com intercom system.

The X-551 features multi-density EPS damping for better shock absorption and impact disbursement, an internal tinted half visor and Clima-Comfort Liner made from hi-tech Micro fibre materials with Anti-Bacterial treatment for a longer-lasting fit.

The visor is scratch resistant and anti-fog and the helmet comes with a Pinlock anti-fog insert and a yellow high-definition VPS insert to increase vision on dull days. The visor and peak can be removed.

The helmet has a massive five-year warranty, which is basically the recommended maximum life of a helmet, anyway.

  1. $700 to $800 for a helmet!
    I have a super tight budget to try to keep to $200 I paid for my white Rjay Modular helmet got all my gear for around $800 and that including the helmet. You pay for the name brand I guess for the same certification sticker you would get for a budget helmet

    1. you cant compare a plastic poly-carbonate shelled helmet to a carbon composite helmet on price. Once you start using ‘premium’ helmets, you wont go back, I promise.
      I had an rjays modular helmet once, it was woeful and I didn’t trust the very thin metal clasps to protect my chin if i ever went down.

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