2014 Babe Raid sets world record

Women riders set world record at Babe Raid

The 2014 Babe Raid motorcycle rally in Ballina has set a world record for the most women on motorcycles in one place.

Babe Raid organiser Debb Dagger says the annual Ballina Raid is now the biggest all-women’s motorcycle weekend event in the world.

Last year, 284 women rode to the coastal NSW town to set the record which was declared by Record Setter at 221 women on 190 bikes as the largest number of women on  motorcycles at the same time at a women’s only motorcycle rally. Guinness World Records deemed the event “not unique enough”.

“There is no other weekend like the Babe Raid that does what the Babe Raid does in the world that I can find,” says Debb.

The sixth annual Ballina Raid is on again on September 11-14, 2015, but Debb says they won’t be trying to break the record unless another group breaks it in the meantime.2014 Babe Raid sets world record

The Ballina Raid will be followed by the Echuca Raid in Victoria on November 13-16, 2015.

The 38-year-old mother of two and senior property manager who has been riding since 2007 thought up the idea of the Babe Raid with two friends after attending many motorcycle rallies that were “really male based”.

The first Babe Raid was held in September 2010 when they expected 60 and attracted more than double.

Debb says Babe Raid has reduced the segregation that existed among women between various clubs and groups, and allowed women to express themselves in what is a “very male-dominated area”.

Men only play supporting roles in the annual Babe Raids, including a mechanic who gives free tech talks and advice. Deb says the information empowers women to look after their own bikes.

Babe Raids include gymkhana events, show and shine, themed dinner night, rider training, tech talks, community market stalls, breakfasts, yoga, rides and more.

Registrations for both events are open with early bird registrations closing on July 1, 2015.babe Raid world record

  1. Hmm, If this isn’t “unique enough” and yet they can count the person with the longest fingernails in the world, don’t you think they are now obsolete as a “world record” recording? Remember when they were the only ones in the world record recording business? if you made it into Guiness, you were “Da bomb” but now – they are deciding what’s acceptable and what’s not. They have the largest parade of triumph motorcycles. That doesn’t sound all that exciting. Or largest parade of motorcycles with side cars, largest motorcycle wedding reception, but because it’s women it doesn’t count? I guess they are no longer important, nor the official word on world records anymore.

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