Win a BikeHUD head-up display

BikeHUD head-up display for motrocycle helmets
How would you like to win a Bikesystems BikeHUD ADVENTURE Gen2 head-up display unit for your helmet and be one of the first Australian riders to experience the new technology?

We are giving away a new BikeHUD Adventure unit worth $A400 to the person who writes the best advertising slogan.

To enter, just leave your short ad slogan in the comments section below.

The competition is open only to Australians and will close at the end of January. The winner will be judged by MotorbikeWriter and BikeHUD marketing manager Michelle Coupe and announced on February 1.

“The winning ad slogan will be used in our Australian marketing campaign to coincide with the release of the BikeHUD Adventure in Australia in March 2016,” says Michelle.BikeHUD head-up display for motrocycle helmets

“MotorbikeWriter will be testing the HUD for us and therefore will see if the slogan fits the riding experience.”

The UK-made Bikesystems BikeHUD ADVENTURE Gen2 is the world’s only commercially available head up display (HUD) unit for motorcycle helmets.

It can be set up to display vital information such as speed or GPS directions on a transparent screen just inside the visor so you don’t have to look away from the road.

The unit can be positioned just to the left or to the right of your main view.

It is focussed so the rider doesn’t have to refocus their eyes or look away from the road in front.

The system has its own forward and rear-facing cameras to eliminate blind spots and can interface with any existing Bluetooth sound system.

A clever function is the phone answering system. If the phone rings while you are riding, you will see who’s calling and if you want to answer, just nod your head. If you don’t want to be disturbed while you’re out having fun on your bike, just shake your head to reject the call.

Apps from a smart phone for GPS information, advanced warning of hazards, safety cameras, weather and traffic etc. can also relay information to the rider via the display. You can tailor exactly what information you want displayed.

Prices for the BikeHUD Adventure start at $A400. For advanced orders, check out their Kickstarter program.



  1. BikeHUD – Safer views for you.
    BikeHUD – Your view. Your road. Your ride.
    BikeHUD – The HUD for the rider.
    BikeHUD – Check it. See the road.
    BikeHUD – More focus. Less distraction.
    BikeHUD – One HUD to rule them all.
    BikeHUD – Ride without boundaries.

    Just a few more. 🙂

  2. HUD – See what you wanna see.
    Song in the background: “See what you wanna see. And let the words shine up, on the screen. I wanna see you Engage.”
    (Have POV of two riders in a split screen. One with lyrics displayed on the dash with head up and down distraction and the other on the HUD without moving his head up and down. Ask Sara Bareilles to sing this Engage cover version of Brave for the sound track.)
    You could call the model of the helmet Engage.
    Just some marketing ideas

  3. I was feeling creative, and it’s near Christmas. Hope you don’t mind ten entries in one go…

    1. BikeHUD – Focus on your ride, not your blind spot.
    2. Blind spot? What blind spot? – BikeHUD
    3. BikeHUD – In your face, not your blind spot.
    4. Heads up, rubber down. BikeHUD.
    5. BikeHUD – Close views, not close calls.
    6. BikeHUD – Vision on.
    7. BikeHUD – The Stark view.
    8. Hindsight vs Foresight. BikeHUD.
    9. Hindsight is 20-20. Foresight is BikeHUD.
    10. With BikeHUD, blind spots are a thing of the past.

  4. BikeHUD: Intergration, safety, freedom. Integrates all of your latest tech, delivers next level awareness and safety, frees you to live in the moment delivering the ultimate riding experience.

  5. BikeHUD: You’ll wish you HUD one earlier.

    BikeHUD: The Heads Up Display to give you a heads up when your head’s up to save you going tips up.

    1. Actually edit that last one to say “BikeHUD: The Heads Up Display to give you a heads up so you can keep your head up to save you going tips up.

  6. We love these suggestions back here at the BikeHUD office in the UK!

    Bill Murphy has a lot of support here!
    Chevy absolutely gave us a laugh!

    Keep them coming 🙂

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