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Which Legal Areas are Covered after Motorcycle Accidents?

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Motorcycles can provide benefits you can’t get with other vehicles. The initial cost is often lower, they’re less expensive to fuel, and they can be more fun to ride than a car. Whether you ride a motorcycle for fun, or it’s your main mode of transportation, it’s a great choice for many people. However, being a motorcyclist can put you at a disadvantage on the road. When you ride a motorcycle, you could be at a greater risk to get hurt in an accident. You’re more exposed out on the road and you’re up against vehicles significantly bigger than you. 

Getting into an accident is a big fear for many motorcyclists. There is help available if you do get into a motorcycle accident, here are a few legal areas that may be covered after your accident. To get proper care after your accident, you should seek help from a motorcycle accident attorney

Immediately after the accident 

After your motorcycle accident, you could be going through a great deal of stress, so it’s understandable that you won’t be thinking very clearly. However, what you do immediately after the accident could impact your case moving forward. The most important thing to do for yourself is to get medical care. You might not be feeling any injuries immediately after the accident, but they could show up after a period of time. In case there are any serious injuries, you want to be sure that they’re treated immediately so they don’t get any worse. If others are involved in the accident, you also want to be sure that they get proper medical treatment. You also want to be able to show that you did receive medical care due to the accident and that you prevented injuries from worsening. 

It’s important to write down the contact information of the other involved parties. You should get their name, phone number, address, driver’s license number, insurance information, and their plate number, as well as anything you can notice about the make and model of their vehicle. Try to get as many pictures of the accident as you can from multiple angles. This should include the vehicles and the surrounding area to get a better understanding of what the conditions were. Of course, you also want to call the police. When they arrive, they can take down the necessary information, interview anyone involved, as well as witnesses, and file a police report of the accident. 

Are you licensed? 

To get compensation for your accident or any legal help following it, it’s important that you can show that you’ve followed a few important steps in being a motorcyclist. Many states have specific licensing to allow you to drive a motorcycle. Despite this, many motorcyclists drive without getting the proper licensing. Even if the accident was caused by someone else, it’s important that you can prove that you have the training to ride a motorcycle. Be sure that you met the requirements to ride a motorcycle in your state, which could involve some additional safety classes. 

Safety requirements 

In addition to licensing, many states require you to use safety equipment to protect yourself while on the road. In most states, this includes wearing a helmet, which some motorcyclists still neglect to wear. Others might require more specific gear, like protective eyewear. reflective vests, or padded clothing. Of course, you also need to have proper lighting on your motorcycle to keep you and other drivers safe.    

Hire an attorney 

If you get in a motorcycle accident, it’s important that you contact an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents. The insurance company of the guilty party may not pay you enough to fully cover the costs of your recovery. From medical bills, loss of wages, and your suffering, recovering from a motorcycle accident can be expensive, and you deserve proper compensation. Your attorney can work on your behalf to speak to insurance companies, as well as gather any evidence that can be used in your case. This includes your medical bills, information from the police, and statements from witnesses. They’re also knowledgeable on all the relevant legal procedures to ensure everything runs smoothly for you. Look for an attorney who works on a contingency fee, that way you won’t have to worry about paying them until you win and you won’t have to pay if you lose your case. 

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