Skully HUD head-up display helmet inventions
Still in the factory

Weird motorcycle inventions of 2016

Crowd funding is not only allowing innovative motorcycle inventions to come to market, but also allowing inventors to test the market.

Unfortunately, crowd funding hit a major setback in 2016 when Skully head-up display helmets(pictured above) went belly-up.

It was the fastest and most over-subscribed Kickstarter campaign yet, but it seems the founders squandered the funds on everything from fast cars to fast women.

It has left behind many ripped-off riders and many others who are now understandably skeptical potential investors.

The scandal will now make it more difficult for other innovators to get their motorcycle inventions to market.

Perhaps as a consequence, a group of Brisbane engineers failed in their bid to crowd-fund their Iris helmet with built-in cameras. But watch this space as they are redesigning the helmet based on feedback from the funding campaign.

Brisbane students launch Iris helmet-camera inventions
Iris helmet

Here are some other “interesting” motorcycle inventions of 2016:

The Skunklock actually makes a potential motorcycle thief vomit by spraying them with a noxious chemical. It more than doubled its funding target!

Bike lock makes thieves sick inventions

Zercado smart mirrors that adjust to your riding position have received several innovation awards and are set to come to market in 2017.

Zercado mirrors inventions
Zercado smart mirror

There have been many attempts at air-conditioning for riders over the years that have been big and clunky, but this compact design looks good. It’s called MiClimate and the makers promise it will hit the market at about US$269 with battery, having easily reached its crowd-funding goal of $20,000. 

MiClimate motorcycle air conditioning inventions
  • What inventions would you like to see that will make motorcycling even better?

  1. I reckon it should be possible to make a helmet that is cooled using a Peltier effect device, like an engel car fridge.

  2. something, anything that makes all types of speed cameras break & impossible to repair &/or a device that is installed inside cars that makes mobile phones inoperable, please.

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