How not to wear a motorcycle helmet

How not to wear a motorcycle helmet

This is not an instructional video of how not to wear a helmet! But we thought it might put a smile on your face just as it did when the pillion was told of his mistake.

something wrong

We have no other details about the incident or where it happened, although the video has been posted by “dubai4ever” which may give a clue.

However, it sounds like they are on the subcontinent.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen people wearing an open-face helmet the wrong way.

How not to wear a motorcycle helmet

Riders who insist open-face helmets are not safe would probably cite this as another reason.

Click here for our debate on open versus full versus modular (flip-up) helmets!

  1. By local vegetation, road markings, the slang and local dialect, they’re in Singapore. Hilarious!! See this sort of stuff quite regularly in SE Asia.

  2. Uber eats moped drivers. You can spot them a mile off. They wear loafers with no socks and always drag both feet around corners.

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