Save the Oxley organiser Ken Healey on his BMW K 1300 R - Motorcycle Friendly Town (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography) siege flawed temporary repairs
Save the Oxley organiser Ken Healey on his BMW K 1300 R (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography)

Another town becomes motorcycle friendly

Wauchope, the gateway to the famed Oxley Highway, will this Saturday declare itself the first motorcycle friendly town in NSW.

Its follows Bicheno in Tasmania which was the first Motorcycle Friendly Town in Australia and Texas in Queensland which was the first on the mainland.

The Wauchope initiative to declare itself a Motorcycle Friendly Town involved the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and Wauchope Chamber of Commerce.

Council Economic Development Officer Ross Smith says the initiative is a “warm up” to the arrival of up to 6000 riders and pillions next May for the annual Ulysses AGM.

Wuachope Motorcycle Friendly Town
Riders in Wauchope (All photos courtesy  Keogh’s Vision Photography)

Friendly Town launch

The launch of the Motorcycle Friendly Town will be held on Saturday (November 19, 2016) at Bain Park from 10am with motorcycle displays and the usual cake-cutting, ribbon-cutting and a speech by Deputy Mayor Cr Lisa Intemann.

Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokeswoman Jenny Pursehouse says the initiative will be an ongoing promotion.

“We encourage all motorcycle riders to come and experience and enjoy all that makes Wauchope a friendly and fascinating place to visit and stay,” she says.

“It is also an acknowledgement to the Ulysses Club AGM; a huge experience for Wauchope and a great opportunity to welcome potentially thousands of motorbike riders to our area.Wuachope Motorcycle Friendly Town

“It really is just the start with lots more to come, but we want to get the word out that we are forging ahead and look forward to welcoming motorcycle riders to our friendly town.” 

Ross, who rides a KTM 390 Duke and owns several dirt bikes, says the initiative has been well-received by local businesses.

“We’ve been working with businesses and the local Chamber to welcome riders on the start or end of the Oxley Highway journey,” Ross says.

“As riders, we all love that road.”

Speed limit crackdown

However, he acknowledges the concerns among riders about the Roads and Maritime Services plan to significantly reduce speed limits on long stretches of the highway.

“We recently had the Save the Oxley rally and there were lots who attended that so there is obviously concern about the changes in speed limits, not just among riders, but also commuters from local properties.”

Wuachope Motorcycle Friendly Town
Rally riders assemble in Wauchope

RMS officers are expected to report back on their plans before Christmas.

Meanwhile, Wauchope will erect banners, signs and flags around the town recognising it as motorcycle friendly and welcoming riders.

“We looked at what was done in Texas,” Ross says.

Springborg (second left) at the Texas Motorcycle Friendly Town launch tourism
Texas Motorcycle Friendly Town launch

“While there are no official guidelines for what constitutes a motorcycle friendly town, we are advising businesses on what is required by riders and have provided motorcycle parking in the main street.

“We are working with the businesses to give them ideas on how to embrace riders. Things like places to hang jackets, bike and helmet cleaning kits, and providing breakdown services.”

Friendly guidelines

Wauchope last year was declared an RV Friendly Town under a strict set of guidelines.

While there is no formal structure for a Motorcycle Friendly Town, motorcycle journalist Colin Whelan has provided the town with a wishlist of informal criteria.

“Since Wauchope became an RV Friendly Town last year we’ve seen a big change in the town, so the feeling is that the Motorcycle Friendly approach can work in the same way,” Ross says.

“It’s hard to measure how many riders pass through here, but anecdotally you look at the traffic on weekends and it’s quite heavy with riders moving through to Gingers Creek.

“There are also a whole lot of trails and adventure riding around here as well and there’s a motocross complex just out of town.”

(Main photo courtesy Keoghs Vision Photography)

  1. I’m starting to doubt this whole Wauchope motorcycle friendly town thing after having the same problem last year with the Hasting Hotel. 11 rooms booked and confirmed only for them to turn around a month out from our event and cancel every one! Now we have the same thing happening with the Wauchope Hotel. Thankfully Timbertown Resort is doing the right thing otherwise 50-60 people each spending between $300 & $400 (some even more), would be taking their business to another fair dinkum motorcycle friendly town.

  2. Wauchope may be a Motorcycle Friendly town, BUT the Wauchope Motel is a motorcycle UNFRIENDLY motel.
    A group of us have a annual meetup in Wauchope (coming from Melbourne through to southern Qld to be there). A group of us booked into the Wauchope Motel, bookings accepted, only to then have our bookings cancelled by the motel owner as he wanted, after us, had another group (of golfers) want to book the motel

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