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From sex on a motorcycle to the UK’s fastest motorcycle and a bike with wood, it’s a wacky world of motorcycling out there.

UK speed record on highway

A rider and pillion on a Kawasaki ZZR 1400 have the dubious distinction of being the fastest couple recorded on a public road in the UK. They were videoed by Essex police last year at speeds up to 148mph (238km/H) on a busy motorway. After a lengthy rial on dangerous riding charges, rider Paul Roberts has been fined £400 ($782), his licence suspended for 15 months, ordered to pay £460 ($900) in court costs, told to take an extended re-test and complete 120 hours of community service.

Sex on a bike  - wacky world

Sex on a bike

Combining our two favourite pastimes this couple was spotted having sex on a motorcycle while riding along the Mandovi Bridge in Goa, India, on a Sunday afternoon. Photos were posted on social media and eyewitnesses said that even though there were police present, no one stopped them. Police eventually traced the couple to a nearby hotel after identifying them by the number plate in the social media photos. They were fined 1000 rupee (about $20) for reckless driving.

Wacky worldV-Strom rider has wood

This rider has wood, too. Old bike sidestands used to be made of steel that never broke, but were very heavy. To save weight – and money – modern bikes have alloy sidestands that are not near as strong which is why you should never mount your bike by standing on the footpegs and putting extra weight on the stand. This rider has obviously done that and has chosen a retro fix!

Norman Greenbaum - Wacky world
Norman Greenbaum

Singer critical after crash

Spirit in the Sky singer songwriter Norman Greenbaum is in a critical condition after a crash involving a car and motorcycle at the weekend in California. The 72-year-old writer of the 1969 hit was a passenger in a car that collided with a motorcycle killing the rider and seriously injuring the pillion. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and the rider’s family.

BMW ‘burnt our house’

A Philadelphia couple are suing BMW for fire damage allegedly caused by a faulty BMW motorcycle parked in their garage. The plaintiffs seek damages in excess of $400,000, plus costs.

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