VW Boss Tried to Quell Ducati Sale Rumor

Maybe It Won't Happen

VW and Ducati for Much Longer?

There have been numerous rumors that VW Group would like to sell Ducati, but now it seems that Herbert Diess is trying to make it clear that Ducati will stay under the VW umbrella. 

In the last general meeting, he made a note of how good Ducati and some other brands are doing. He said that luxury brands like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Ducati are ‘weathering the crisis exceedingly well’ and that some of the others are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Visordown, he said that Ducati might be in its best position ever, being ‘significantly’ up year on year. As the publication points out, though, this could be a bunch of hooey. If Diess wants to keep the brand then he is obviously going to be happy that it’s doing well. However, if he wants to sell the brand, of course, he is going to say it’s doing well.

Visordown also makes the good point that anything is for sale for the right price. If VW Group were offered a good price for Ducati, it’s within reason that it would sell it. However, Diess seems to try to make clear that he is not actively seeking out buyers for the brand. 

  1. VW needs a goose that lays black ink (not red) to fund “Dieselgate” reparations, although I suppose given the choice VW could wipe the Dieselgate debt in one hit with the right price for Ducati. That way, when some other company eventually mismanages Ducati, VW could buy back Ducati at a discount.

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