VIDEO: Can Fuel Stabilizer Kill Your Motorcycle?

To Be or Not to Be

We’re finally in November, the official ‘store your bike for the winter’ month (for the tens-of-millions of riders globally that have to experience snow). While it’s probably a good idea to change your oil and top up your gasoline tank with new fuel, the debate around fuel stabilizer has been long and ongoing with teams on either side constantly piping up and invalidating each other’s opinions.

Where can we find the final be-all and end-all answer? How many more winters am I going to have to sift to the 7th page of google trying to find an answer before completely giving up and saying “F-IT! NO STABILIZER THIS YEAR!”?

I will say this every time I share an F9 video… Ryan F9 is the coolest motorcycle YouTuber and provides the highest quality content available in the industry. Period. It even rivals Top Gear, despite being a small home-brewed channel to support the fortnine web-store.

Now we have that out of the way, this video contains tests run by Ryan to see the true anti-evaporative properties of fuel stabilizers, as well as other features such as anti-rust power they can claim to have. 

So what is the final verdict? That’s for the video to answer. If you’re reading this bent over your desk at work and forgot your earphones at home, I’ll give you a little hint: only two of the many products tested are worth your time. 

Support the F9 channel by subscribing so Ryan can continue to put out amazing content, please. For me.

  1. Really? “STORE YOUR BIKE FOR THE WINTER” month? November??? I get it of course – “for your USA readers”. All good but Mark, subjugating your Australian readers (and your roots)to the US market is not going to work for you longer term. No issue with our American brothers and sisters – quite the opposite. I have been a follower since your inception but sadly we must separate. There’s little Australian content now so interest is waning. Oh, and by the way – I completely understand that advertising pays the bills, but seriously, the overload amount of annoying pop-up advertising makes your site just way too annoying to spend any time on. I wish you all the best but this reader is signing off.

    1. Mark didn’t write this article, I did. And I live in Canada – where It’s been snowing for over a month :). I fixed the article for you to specifically omit Australian and warm climate readers. Ryan F9 released this winter storage video this month because millions of riders are storing their bikes for winter, plain and simple. I had no idea that would offend somebody, my apologies.

  2. Super proud to see Ryan’s work. Not only are his videos amazing, he makes our corner of Canada always look so interesting.

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