Mrs MotorbikeWriter saddles up for the Victory/Indian shop ride independent
Mrs MotorbikeWriter saddles up for the Victory/Indian shop ride

Victory/Indian shop ride with Ben Hannant

What is it about motorcycle shop rides that makes them so popular?

Is it the fact that most of the bikes are similar in ability which keeps the pack together?

Is it that the riders have a similar passion which unites them and gives them a common topic of discussion?

Or is it that they often have a VIP along for the ride?

Ben Hannant on the Victory/Indian shop ride
Ben Hannant on the Victory/Indian shop ride

In the case of today’s Brisbane Victory/Indian shop ride with Mrs MotorbikeWriter as my pillion on board a Victory Cross Country Classic, it’s all of the above.


Former Broncos footballer and new signing to the Cowboys, Ben Hannant, was the affable and congenial guest of honour on today’s ride.

Ben is a Victory ambassador and today he was riding a Boardwalk after swapping from a Hammer.


Ben grew up with his 10 brothers and sisters on a Gold Coast property and has been riding dirt  bikes for years. Ben has now carved out a supercross track on his property and his eldest of five, Kye, 8, is becoming a pretty good rider, he reckons.

But there’s no dirt today; it’s tarmac all the way to the top of Mt Glorious for lunch. From there the riders splinter off to do their own thing.

It’s a great way for riders with a particular brand passion and riding style to meet others with similar interests.Ben Hannant on the Victory/Indian shop ride

I’ve been on several shop rides and the best are those for one brand which doesn’t have a wide variety of motorcycle style. In this case, it’s two brands, but they are all either cruisers or tourers.

The pace is brisk up front, gradually getting cruisier down the back. It’s only a short ride and the pack doesn’t get too broken up.

Lunch and a chat at Maialla Cafe is a great chance to get to know the other riders and pillions. There’s Peter and Susan Surgenor and John Young and his daughter, Aimee, on their Cross Country tourers, Julie McCormack on her modified Highball cruiser, and Marty Whyte and his dad, Glen, who can no longer ride, but enjoys the pillion perch on the Indian Chief Classic.

Mrs MotorbikeWriter and I had a blast. Great to meet you all and we hope to join you on another shop ride soon. Thanks to Ron Grant, Rob Salbatecu and all the shop crew for the loan of the Cross Country Classic.

The next scheduled rides from the Brisbane Victory/Indian dealership are another short Saturday ride on November 9 and a long Sunday ride on November 23. Visit the store for more details.


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