Victory Motorcycles Independence Day ride

Victory Motorcycles is 17 years young!

Victory Motorcycles turned 17 years old over the fourth of July Independence Day weekend and the American company is now targeting a younger demographic interested more in performance.

To celebrate 17 years, Victory Motorcycle dealers around the world held ride days and I joined the Brisbane shop ride with videographer extraordinary David “Big Dave” Cohen to chronicle the event in the video above and these images.


We rode from Brisbane, over the Blackall Ranges to Rick’s Garage in Palmwoods for lunch which the Brisbane shop generously shouted for the 30-odd Victory and Indian riders from as far as Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

The world today is a different place from the fourth of July, 1998, when American recreation vehicle manufacturer Polaris Industries decided to branch out into motorcycles and established the Victory Motorcycles brand with the V92C.

And the heavy cruiser brand is now a different company with young product such as the Gunner, a supercharged stunt bagger team, an American drag race team, a prototype V-twin Pikes Peak hillclimber and an Isle of Man TT electric prototype race bike.

Don Canet on the Victory Motorcycles and Roland Sands Design Project 156 at Pikes Peak International Hillclimb 2015
Pikes Peak hillclimber

Victory Motorcycles GM Rod Krois says their demographic is a bit younger than most cruiser companies, but they are planning to reduce it even further.

“We have a more youthful market than some,” he says. “The 38-45 age bracket is our sweet spot as that’s where our brand can resonate with that group.”

He says their multi-point plan to target a younger demographic involves a lot of motorsport and performance product such as the Judge and Gunner power cruisers.

Victory Gunner
Victory Gunner

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