1. Is Harley now going to demand that every biker removes his/her Harley tattoos because it’s a breach of copyright? Not on your life! Piss-weak Harley – piss weak – you pick on a chic and her man paying homage to the brand, but ignore tattoo breaches. Technically, yup, we accept it’s your logo – but I think you’ve forgotten what that logo means in a wider sense. People own the brand’s reputation – not you H-D. You own the advertising and iconography – what you say about your own brand. You don’t own the brand reputation – that’s what other people say about you. You can’t own what people say about you – they own that. Were the logo displayed in a denigrating manner, certainly a different case. If it were claiming to be a franchised dealership, again, fair enough to step in. But we’re talking freakin’ hamburgers and coffee. Go fuck yourself H-D. You’ve now got the Krauts designing your engines; their neighbors doing engine internals; the Japs doing your suspension; the Latinos and Chinese knocking out your electronics and other bits. But let’s beat up on a chic because they’re infringing the real deal. Again – piss-weak H-D, piss-weak. Go watch Easy Rider again and think about it. Strap on some cans and listen to Steppenwolf again instead of that dumb-arse gangsta and squawking teenie-bopper shit. R.I.P. Mr Fonda. RIP Mr Hopper. Ex-38 WLA ride.

  2. Harley Davidson as we know it is likely not long for this world. There is no market to support the network they’ve been assembling, and their manufacturing capacity is still far above conceivable demand. Streamlining management, creating tighter standards in manufacturing and rewarding innovation in production might slow the decline and help lower prices to a level their core enthusiasts could afford. Right now, they cost too much. Many people love them, but can’t spend that much money on a leisure item…. that’s how Honda got a foothold in the 60s.

  3. H-D logo is a copyrighted logo. You can’t use it without their permission. It’s the law. I live how the local dealer stepped in, which shows the loyalty of the brand. You can’t use logos without clearing it with the owner, and they didn’t do that, do corporate was right with the cease and desist order. I have owned Harley’s for years and still love my Harley. I will agree that they need to make better engines that don’t need repaired as much, but they are still the most fun to ride and are an icon of the big bikes. I hated the Goldwing as it had no fun factor like my Harley.

  4. Common sense prevailed. By everyone well done.
    Now HD look a this hard the support and by whom it was given loyal customers.
    Now go back to your dealerships sit down and realise your situation and what people are saying .what would really matter.
    work some reasonable price marks for your bikes.
    Make them more affordable for everyone
    Even your servicing price need looking at.
    You are great but look to continue and listen to your client base .
    Swallow a little breath deep take a leap of faith and I’m sure you would reep the reqards

  5. Kim is a wonderful and kind business owner who was simply supporting Harley Davidson. She never claimed to be a dealership… C’mon! As a female Harley rider myself, I support the product but just can’t wrap my head around the “cease and desist” HD issued her. And as a former employee of Sheldon’s Harley Davidson, I say KUDOS to Chad Clark for stepping up for Kim. Good luck, Kim! You are a strong and positive role model. BLESSINGS!

  6. Well Harley is in a spot it seems financially and selling their bikes! So I’d Think ANY ADVERTISING WOULD BE A BENEFIT FOR HARLEY! So it’s most about money, they want paid for the free advertising and benefit for Harley! I don’t think it’s good idea to piss off the loyal and positive Harley fans they have left and love riding their Harleys and promote what is good about Harley and why you’d want to owe one or ride one!

  7. As bad as "The Company " stealing and copyrighting our term "Hog". We the people created the use and culture of the term. It belongs to us. Not the thieving b-turds. If it wasn't for us keeping their substandard products running for decades says:


  8. While harley-davidson is struggling to gain new riders, they spend money going after those who support them? Nice!
    Those young new riders you’re looking for won’t be so supportive of a big corporate lawsuit against a small town diner.

  9. Glad to see to they reached an agreement! As a Harley owner i was saddened by the letter they sent, and quickly signed the petition! HD!

  10. HD should put more effort into producing motorcycles that you shouldn’t have to upgrade immediately after purchasing, (suspension, LED lights, seat, etc…), rather than going after a small business that endorses their brand. …SMH

  11. I wonder how many Harley owners over the years have switched to Honda, Yamaha, Indian, etc., due to this? We’re talking about small businesses that cater to Harley Davidson and will most likely bring Harley new customers, especially during their current self induced struggles. Their bikes are priced well beyond what they are worth, just trying to keep afloat. For example, you could easily dump another $5,000 on a brand new stock barebones bike depending on the model, just to make it comfortable enough for a long haul (200 – 500 mile) ride. My padded (upgraded) seat alone cost $550. Lighting, forward controls, luggage, grips pegs, etc., cost $$$. And the maintenance is outrageous unless you are capable of doing most of the work yourself, as I do. In fact, people without the skills, or time usually ride something of equal value, like a Honda Golwing for example. Very dependable, loaded with all the “bells and whistles” for about the same price of a Road Glide, and they basically just change the oil & filter at regular intervals and get well over 200,000 miles before any major work, if any? My 2012 Switchback left me stranded at 24,000 miles due to a defective regulator, which Harley knew about, but wouldn’t cover since, it was past the warranty. That cost me over $300. for a aftermarket regulator and stator made (in the USA) and replaced myself apposed to their $1200. quote and… I still have to purchase a new wire harness for $250. due to it overamping and burning out my left turn and high beam indicator. The entire odometer with the indicator harness cost a little over $300 new! But, it’s my understanding that it has to be paired with the ECM by Harley which costs $$$ so, cheaper to purchase the harness. Harley Davidson hurt themselves with their own greed, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be making money since, the vast majority of their parts are foreign made. That’s right folks, if you think you are supporting “American made,” think again! They are only assembled in America! There’s probably more American made parts on an Indian. (Not sure, just my opinion). That being said, will I purchase another Harley? Yes, but most likely used. Why? I like to tinker and it gives me something to do. But, if I were in a position to buy new, I would probably have to purchase a Indian…

  12. If everyone would educate themselves with the history of the company you would understand why they guard their patent so closely.

    William Harley, Walter and Arthur Davidson were real people. William Harley was the inventor of the knucklehead engine. From the beginning their motorcycles won race after race. They fought off predatory competitors like Indian who tried to steal their patent. And they almost succeeded. Willie G. Davidson is still very much involved with the company founded by his great grandfather and uncle who poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their dream. And nobody should have the right to say your family has no say in protecting that dream.

    I’m sorry they list the suit. I recommend highly the mini series Harley and the Davidsons. It then will become clear that Willie G is only trying to protect and preserve his families good name, and the core values that were so important to them.

    1. Most of this brand protection actually happened when they bought the company
      back from AMF. Personally I think it a shame how they hounded the dedicated enthusiasts
      And small workshops who kept the name alive
      When they nearly went belly up. Not to mention their shameless use of the ‘outlaw image’ a group they previously despised but probably led to a huge interest in their product
      from accountants and dentists. Personally I have removed any harley badges from mine and my motor is nearly all aftermarket s&s Now if I can just get rid of the tatts………

  13. They are a diner, not a Harley-Davidson store and that logo should be reserved just for dealerships that sell Harley Davidson motorcycles and/or clothes and other items. They are profiting off the Harley Davidson name. How can that be right? It should be taken down.

  14. WTF ! That’s right , the logo has value … My – My , can’t be the bikes cause nobody is buying the pieces of shit . Look at their stock that tanking because you can’t sell the same old shit every year to the same old look at me I own a harley market . If it wasn’t for the accessory market , harley would have failed a long time ago .

  15. Looks like I will not be buying a Harley Davidson. God forbid I stand outside wearing a Harley Davidson tee shirt. They would probably sue me too.

  16. Glad the dealer stepped in and stepped up to set this straight. This is the kind of thing that happens when a company brings in too many people with the typical “corporate” attitude who have no clue when it comes to their loyal customer base. Sure the Bar and Shield means a lot to Harley. It also means a hella lot to most of us who ride.

  17. Smahtin up people. You can’t use another company’s trademark on your business, regardless of intent. It puts H-D in a lose-lose position too. Becauce you made them look like Aholes for protecting their property.

  18. HD should feel lucky to have such diehard, loyal and dedicated fans! Hundreds of thousands of them willing to pay hundreds of dollars to pay for the right to advertise for them. Shirts, jackets, wallets, caps, beanies the list goes on and on. It seems they make more from merch and free advertisements than from two wheels and an enging that can go for more than 40k and up. (That can only be used for 5 months or less depending on your area).
    The clout and (or stigma) that once existed by wearing or riding these products are fading fast (check out their ever falling stock prices.) Why keep paying them if this is how their fans and customers are treated? Take away the sheild from that diner and it still looks like an outstanding place to gather, meet up and grab a bite. The owners and staff appear more awesome.
    I say get rid of the logo that seems to only want to market bikes to high income weekend riders yet wants everyone else to foot the bill of their losses by purchasing 30 dollar t shirts, mugs and 300.00 dollar leathers jackets. Maybe they will rethink their priceing to a more fair scale. After all not one of their products is worth the price tag. Better than trying to patent and sue for the potato sound.

    Of course thats just my opinion. Im only one man who no longer buys their products because i believe its wrong to bully fans ans snall business.

  19. Dispite what other dimwits post , I think the Motor Co has made a prudent choice . When I need to purchase a new bike it will be another H-D .

  20. Harley Davidson wonders why Thier going broke , it’s because they fight Thier cliental left and right. They have this attitude that they will do what they want and everyone will accept it. News flash , I bought a leather jacket more functional in an accident for 300.00 less than a flimsy HD jacket. The flat paint and blacked out paint jobs on the new bikes SUCK! Harley’s we’re always known for Thier being full dresser ,lots of chrome beautiful motorcycles. What do we have to chose from today? Dull ugly paint , and way overpriced rides. I’m going on my 6th Harley purchase and it’s not going to be a new one. They’re way overpriced. I grew up around Harley’s , the fact that it was a Harley that apealled to me was the availability of parts. A friend of mine restored a 1919. Found new cylinders and pistons on the shelf of a dealer clear across the country. I have a 2007 Roadking classic and can’t get Harley saddlebag guards because Harley discontinued them. Thier turning into metric bike mentality. Sell a bike , make parts and accessories for a few years discontinue it. Make something else. Not a way build customer base. Harley Davidson is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the USA for a reason. They use to care about Thier motorcycles and Thier customers. Now Thier just like everyone else in corporate America. Screw the customer , take Thier money. I’ll continue to ride my Harley’s , but the sure as hell won’t be new ones.

  21. A great compromise..everyone wins. Maybe some HD execs will lead a ride to the place and enjoy the food with their brand loyal riders. Get lout and smell the exhaust pipes..its fun.

  22. HD should feel lucky that people still remain loyal to their product. It has taken them so long to come up to speed with other manufacturers and now once again they have priced their products at an unrealistic level for the “average” rider. No surprise there.

  23. If you are patenting a sound, best to be an original sound, I understand the logo a bit as a design, mainly the trademark is about stopping counterfeit t shirts which was a problem 30 years ago. Come on H-D, focus on your core business and think of a way to get new riders involved in motorcycling rather than wasting resources on silly shit.

  24. There is no small guy vs big here, it’s about business. Would the diner owners in question want another business using their name ? No, they’d demand the other business cease and desist. The proper agreement was reached and HD will maintain and protect it’s business interest and the diner will acknowledge that interest, as it should. The problem with trademarks and business names is that of you let one other business use them then everyone else thinks it’s okay for them to use it as well.

    To all the HD riders in that town, how would you like it if someone opened a vegan only diner and used the HD name and logo ?

  25. At a time when Harley future is unclear, products are confused, stock is declining and no excitement in their future , the motor company should be encouraged, excited and supportive of businesses that give them visibility.
    We have supported the brand for 20 years customizing, repairing, restoring HD. And it’s time they realize without the shops, riders, and our support the brand is domed.
    Good decision HD. You need us more than we need u. Production minus sales = scap.
    What better way to expose ur brand to the newbies than business recognition with your logo.

  26. HD should be more worried about their future sales and support, not some diner that displayed their logo. I have an HD and over 50 yrs of riding experience

  27. How about Hog Hollow they had to change there name to Fog Hollow and they beat all harley prices always got a great part for my 79 sporty and my 96 heritage

  28. Only Harley would screw with a supporter & free advertising. They ought to spend more time on warranty support & less on dressing for halloween.! They have the best loyalty base in the world , after all who tattoos Honda on their arm? To many bean counters & not enough riders. Where did Buell go after they got their meat hooks into them?

  29. I say take it down now. Why give praise blessings to a company with disdain for their core customers. Wake up from a fellow baby boomer, millennials pay very close attention to the relationship between companies they spend their money with and their actions and even inactions.

  30. With H.D.having sliding sales..you’d think they would see the positive side of FREE advertising. Especially from devoted people like Kim and her riding customers..

  31. Congratulations to small business. Harley Davidson should thank the people of Miss Worcester diner for having a nice piece of art work exposed for all to see. Judging by the sales of this company, every bit of publicity could help.

  32. when Willie G and his group bought back Harley Davidson they went to every small parts shop and told them to take their harley logo signs down. if it weren’t for Harley enthusiast’s that kept the name alive when Harley was gonna go bankrupt and disappear they had the nerve to kick us in the ass . CONGRATULATIONS on winning and to the dealership

  33. They need to be working on attracting our youth rather than Petty Crap like this. Probably gonna see more whining from HD as their sales decrease. When they are on a low they whine like babies.

  34. Glad to see a small business make out. Harley is not the iconic USA brand it used to be. They should worry more about making American iron than a sign.

  35. For a company struggling to make it everyday you should be glad for the free advertisement ,what’s next “HD sues it’s customers for wearing there apparel”?

    1. You would think with sales in a slump and Harley’s Live Wire Bike now known as “DEAD WIRE BIKE”, they would welcome all the free advertisement and publicity they could get from bike owners.
      The problem with Harley is; A-they are not listening to their client base, B-sales people who just want to make their monthly commission check, C-To many empty suits at Harley Davidson in General!

      Some dealerships just don’t get what’s going on, the company should be striving to win back the older generation with expendable money, “THE TRIKE” in the right areas of this great country. I say fire the firm that can’t identify Harleys Market!

    2. Harley Davidson should be paying you for putting their logo on your business at least give you a motorcycle to show you their respect to you for doing their advertising

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