Victory police motorcycles guardian
Victory police motorcycles

Victory chases police motorcycles

Victory police motorcycles are now on patrol in more than 40 police departments across America and Canada.

The latest to add Victory to their police motorcycle fleet is Daytona Beach which hosts such motorcycle events as Speed Week, the Daytona 500 and Bike Week. We especially love the Batman-esque stealth black paintjob and can just imagine how much fear it will instil into the rowdy Spring Break crowd! Victory police motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles Australia marketing manager Adrian Givoye says there are no moves to introduce Victory police motorcycles here.  “We’ve had a little bit of interest from time to time but it’s not something we’ve actively chased or explored,” he says. “It’s a small part of the market and they have specific needs. We’re probably not right yet with our network and support for a fleet customer.”

He says US police are also more happy with a cruiser than a sports tourer like in Australia because they are more robust and suitable for slow-speed operations.

“There are several attributes about our bikes that are suitable for police work,” he says.

Victory police motorcyclesOne of the most significant benefits for American police officers is the ability to intentionally drop a Victory touring motorcycle which will remain standing at a 34-degree lean. It allows an officer to continue a pursuit on foot without having to stop and put the sidestand down. The officer can also pick the bike up more easily and continue without having any damaged levers. Police officers can also use the dropped bike as a shield against bullets.

While the latter is of no use to law-abiding owners, the fact that you can accidentally drop a Victory touring bike without damaging it is a real benefit!

Victory Police Motorcycles, based in Tucson, Arizona, buys Cross Roads, Cross Country and Vision motorcycles from Victory and equips them to suit the specific needs of individual agencies. 

The host of law enforcement-only options includes full-size AR-15 rifle racks, heated grips, LED lights, radio, siren, secondary battery, skid plate, radar gun holsters, alternate windshields and custom paint.

  1. After nearly 4 years of badgering my department we finally purchased 2 commander 1 bikes. We only received then in late November but they are as amazing as I had hoped. The only problem now is the fact that Polaris, the parent company to Victory, has announced they are killing the entire Victory line immediately. Announced today. It was a punch in the gut let me tell you. Frankly I dont understand it. I cant see how they arent making enough money from this line. Now we are likely to go back to Harley since in our area there is little alternative. I think it is a huge and I mean huge mistake. They seem to be focusing totally on the Indian line. I just dont see this being a winning strategy. Plus they were picking up police departments all over. Makes me very sad.

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