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Victoria introduces 30km/h lane filtering

Victoria will join Queensland and NSW with 30km/h lane filtering for motorcycle and scooter riders from November 2, 2015.

The Victorian Motorcycle Council had called for a faster speed of 40km/h to coincide with Melbourne’s inner-city speed limit.

This followed complaints from riders in Queensland and New South Wales about the difficulty of monitoring their speed at 30km/h while filtering through traffic.

However Victorian Motorcycle Council chair Rob Salvatore has welcomed the introduction of lane-filtering laws, “showing that riders and Government can successfully work together to improve rider safety and reduce congestion, benefitting all road users”.

The rules differ slightly from New South Wales, allowing riders to ride between lines of traffic and packed cars.

Like other states and the ACT where they are trialling lane filtering, learners are not permitted to lane filter.




Rob says they have long campaigned for the safety benefits of lane filtering.

“The 2011 Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety confirmed that motorcycle lane filtering fundamentally improves rider safety,” he says.

“It reduces the risk of a nose-to-tail collision; the leading cause of rider hospitalisation in metropolitan Melbourne. Furthermore, filtering can significantly reduce peak hour congestion.”

The new Labor Government had promised to introduce the rules from September 1, but had encountered delays in the consultation process with riders, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, and more than 1000 responses to their online survey.Cyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering

Cyclists and pedestrians had not only objected to lane-filtering rules, but also to the proposed use of bike lanes for motorcyclists.

VicRoads will support the law change with a public awareness campaign for all road users.

More detailed information on the new filtering measures can be found at VicRoads.

The changes include permitted filtering:

  • between lanes or lines of traffic in the same direction
  • between lanes or lines of traffic and parked cars
  • for motorcycle licence holders (not learner permit holders)
  • at speeds up to 30km/h (penalties will apply for filtering in excess of 30km/h)
  • unless signed otherwise.

Fines and penalties have not yet been released, but they are quite extensive in other states.

  1. “Cyclists and pedestrians . . . . . objected to lane-filtering rules”
    Why would pedestrians object? Do pedestrians lane-filter? Some funny business going on here.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, I’m sick of leaving the legal length gap in front of me only for some tool car dive in with zero room. If ANYONE needed to stop he would instantly rear end the person in front and if that person is a motorbike god help them.

    Those are the same retards half the time that think sitting half a metre from someone’s rear end is normal and perfectly legal.

  3. I think the shoulders of the Pacific Motorway should have individual filtering speed limits written on them as some shoulders can be as wide as a motorway lanes while some can be as narrow as the bike you’re riding! I also think that large trucks need to use the farthest left lane because they act like a slow-moving blood clots up the motorway blocking the traffic and causing congestion!

  4. Enforcing speed limits for filtering is stupid and dangerous and shows that the people who came up with the idea don’t ride. When filtering the last thing you want to be looking at is the speedo! I bet there is some revenue junkie drooling at the thought of all the cash they think they are going to rake in.
    If they want revenue and actually do some good they should make lane hopping an offence or a more serious offence if it already is. The number of motorcyclists who are injured even when not filtering by idiots who see a clear lane and jump into it with out even looking is only exceeded by those who are rear ended. Often these morons have no idea what they’ve done wrong and think the cyclists is at fault especially after having to pickup their mirror or teeth. Aside from removing offending mirrors the only collision I’ve had while filtering was a lane hopper on a scooter who learned not to hop out in front of a large motorcycle doing more than twice his speed. He bounced off my topbox into the back of the the car he was trying to overtake the only injuries were to paint and plastic fortunately for him. I have had suicidal pedestrians and idiots try to cut me off and I have avoided all of them because I wasn’t staring at the bleeding speedo!

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