Riders on Victoria's Black Spur
Riders on Victoria's Black Spur

VicRoads urges riders to ‘travel happy’

Riders are already happy, even when commuting, according to VicRoads research, but now the august organisation wants riders to be even happier.

VicRoads doesn’t score high on motorcyclists’ Christmas card list so their latest campaign to encourage riders to ride happy may be viewed with some suspicion by some riders.

However, their Travel Happy – Share the Road campaign focusses on the impact that mood and driver behaviour can have on road safety and puts the onus ion all road users, not just riders.

After all, we’re already a largely happy bunch.Ride Happy - VicRoads

A recent VicRoads survey of 1000 road users found:

  • 48% of motorcyclists felt happy commuting and 23% felt frustrated.
  • 84% of motorcyclists felt the behaviour of others on the road impacts their mood.
  • Motorcyclists would be happier on the road if other road users would keep an eye out for them when changing lanes and at intersections (60%).
  • Other road users feel they are most impacted by motorcyclists when they make unexpected or unpredictable moves on the road (55%).

The VicRoads campaign will be launched today (April 7) at Queensbridge Square from 7-10am by ambassador and keen motorcyclist Paul Mercurio at the first in a series of events targeting different road users.Rider Paul Mercurio y - VicRoads

“Being a motorcyclist and father of three daughters, I know how incredibly important it is that we are aware of those around us. Let’s look after each other on the road,” says Paul.

VicRoads spokesman James Holgate says all Victorian road users, regardless of their mode of transport, have a responsibility to make safe choices while on the road, and the Travel Happy – Share the Road campaign will help to highlight behaviour change.

“Unhappy road users are more likely to be aggressive and lack compassion for others. This can lead to frustration and anger which can lead to risky behaviour,” he says.

“Motorcyclists can make other road users happier by indicating before changing lanes and maintaining a safe space between themselves and other road users. They can improve their own safety by being alert, scanning ahead and using mirrors to avoid the unexpected.

Riders on Victoria's Black Spur - VicRoads
Riders on Victoria’s Black Spur

“Other road users should be mindful of motorcyclists. Just because you don’t see a motorcyclist doesn’t mean one isn’t nearby, so use your indicators when changing lanes. A quick head check to ensure a motorcyclist isn’t in your blind spot will ensure everyone has a safer journey.

“We want all Victorians to share the roads and travel happily and safely from A to B. It feels really, really good when we all share the road.”

Their website has advice for travelling happier and the most important factors are to be mindful of other road users, avoiding behaviour that makes others feel unsafe and promoting mutual respect such as saying thank you when someone shows you some courtesy.

  1. Traffic filtering for motorcycle & scooter riders will be legitimised in Victoria in September 2015. The Independent Riders Group (IRG) is lobbying for the government to adopt a minimum restriction with maximum car driver education when legitimising filtering. Filtering has been going on safely since there has been traffic. Many riders filter for safety and to save time and money. These people can’t afford heavy fines for riding safely. Restrictions on overtaking and in low speed zones (schools/trams excepted) should NOT be introduced. We need stop lines for two wheelers and overtaking rules similar to those for bicycles. http://www.damiencodognottooam.blogspot.com

  2. A problem that I have come across often is that non-motorcyclists think in car terms and don’t understand the capabilities of a motorcycle. So while I am riding within my safe limits they think I am being wild, erratic and dangerous. This causes them to over-react and at times has nearly caused them to have an accident. So out of consideration for them I have had to tone down my riding a little in traffic, but it is very annoying to have to do this just because of their ignorance.

    Some of them are just “drama queens” trying to make a scene. Envy makes people do weird things. They don’t like it that my vehicle can do things that theirs can’t.

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