2015 Ural cT tourer sidecar
Ural cT tourer

Ural lowers ride, raises price

Ural has lowered the suspension of their T tourer outfit to release the cT version.

The Russian company says the suspension changes to the outfit are “quite subtle”, but the price change in Australia is almost $2000 more at $20,340 (+ORC).

The Ural cT gets lower clearance by changing from 19-inch wheels to 18-inch and using used retro sidecar suspension to bring the chair down a couple of extra centimetres.

This should lower the centre of gravity to increase stability and cornering ability.

To further improve stability, they have expanded the mounting brackets for a wider wheel track.

This also means the chair is less likely to lift on faster or off-camber turns. Although, for some outfit riders, that little show-stopper trick is half the fun of riding these machines!

The 4×18 wheels have also lowered the gearing for better acceleration. Ural admits their bikes have been “slightly over-geared in top when battling a headwind or long gradual climbs”.

Now riders shouldn’t have to swap cogs as much.

2015 Ural cT tourer
2015 Ural cT tourer with sidecar windscreen and luggage rack

Ural Australia has the new cT EFI models with 2015 specs in Gloss Grey, Terracotta or Yellow.

They arrive as a bare model that can be accessorised with some of the many Ural factory fittings.

The cT pictured is fitted with aftermarket sidecar windscreen and luggage rack.

  1. Its a lot of money. i have an st1100 with chair that cost me under 5 grand to put
    on the road, including the price of the bike ,its faster, quicker and probably
    triple the horsepower. You could put a chair on something like a hyosung {new}
    cheaper than one of these over 20, grand is a lot for ‘Quirkiness”
    There are quite a few cheap chairs out there if you look. The indian scout
    or street 500 would even be a proposition at the price, An enfield would be way cheaper
    and the indie chairs are cheap and would be an easy fit

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