Can-Am Ryker EV electric roadster prototypes

Can-Am unveils electric prototypes

Among the 2020 line-up of Can-Am Spyder and Ryker roadsters unveiled last week is a range of electric two- and three-wheeler prototypes.

The Canadian company is short on details, but the Ryker EV (above) appears to be the same structure as the current Ryker, only powered by an electric motor. They also unveiled the TWeLVE electric leaning three-wheeler.

Can-Am Twelve prototypes

Electric three-wheelers makes a lot of sense because battery weight and size is not as big an issues with motorcycles.

Therefore, they could use bigger batteries with longer range.

Yet Can-Am has also unveiled the CT1 electric scooter and CT2 electric motorcycle.

Can-Am electric bikes prototypes
Can-Am electric scooter and motorbike

While technical details of these prototypes are not available, we expect they feature Alta Motors powertrains.

Can-Am last year bought the assets of electric start-up Alta Motors which went bust after Harley-Davidson had a brief collaboration with the Californian company.

There is no word on when these will come to market.

The company may be waiting to see how the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle is received in the marketplace.

2020 Can-Am line-up

Meanwhile, Can-Am has revamped their 2020 Spyder RT lineup for better touring capability.

They now include new LED headlights, a redesigned cockpit, extended floorboards, lower seats that are also heated, increased lumbar support, a new adjustable electric windshield with memory function, and upgraded suspension.

Luggage space is now increased to 177 litres and the top box features a quick-release system.

Australian prices and availability for the 2020 line-up have not yet been released.

20202 Can-Am Spyder and Ryker models prototypes
2020 Can-Am Spyder and Ryker models
  1. As a Can-Am F3 rider, I would consider an electric Ryker close to the perfect runabout for domestic purposes. I live in the rural township of Maleny and my daily ride distance is rarely more than 50km – sometimes as high as 100km – but the stability of a Ryker is perfect for shopping and such, and an electric version very attractive.

  2. Looking forward to the electric when it rolls out. Especially for use here in the Canaries. The islands are making a push for EV and have increasingly more charging stations. I’d have to import one from mainland Europe dealer when these become available.

  3. I don’t know why Can Ams get included on motorcycle forums. Nothing against them per se….just stop pretending they’re somehow a three-wheeled motorcycle. That’s an oxymoron. They’re more akin to a car.

    1. Hi,
      Trikes are considered motorcycles by law.
      You also need a motorcycle licence to ride them in most countries and most owners are and/or were also motorcycle owners.
      While you don’t counter-steer, you ride them like a sidecar outfit.
      All other controls are the same as a motorcycle.
      Maybe when you get too old to hold up a motorcycle you may even consider one!

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