Autotalk V2M vehicle-to-motorcycle communication technology Bosch autonomous uniform

Uniform technology boost for motorcycle safety

A company that has developed vehicle-to-motorcycle (V2M) technology will join the Connected Motorcycle Consortium to develop an industry-wide uniform motorcycle platform for V2M communication.

The Autotalk V2M system, launched in June 2017, detects motorcycles not visible to the human eye, cameras or other sensors and alerts riders and drivers to life-threatening situations such as imminent crashes. Click here to read more.

Autotalks claims its advantages include simple integration, low power consumption, high range of operating temperature, small size and resistance to vibration which make to ideal for motorcycles.

Boss Hagai Zyss says the company is an early innovator in motorcycle-to-vehicle communication which could help reduce motorcycle accidents by 80%.

“Together, we’ll work to save the lives of the most vulnerable road users,” he says.

“Motorcycles have higher chances of being involved in a car crash which is highly likely to end up in a fatality. 

“Studies show that in approximately one third of motorcycle accidents the motorbike is not visible to the car driver. This is one of the reasons why motorcycles are at a greater risk to end up in a crash.

“Autotalks is committed to minimising motorcycle accidents until there will be zero accidents on our roadways.”

Uniform technologyAutotalk V2M vehicle-to-motorcycle communication technology Bosch autonomous uniform

One of the problems with the fast-advancing hi-tech safety technology and rapidly approaching autonomous vehicle future is the lack of uniform technology that is integrated across all manufacturers.

However, Autotalks and other CMC members will work to develop uniform industry-standard Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) applications for motorcycles.

The CMC is a collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and associations to make motorcycles part of the autonomous and connected vehicle future.

Founding CMC members include BMW Motorrad, Honda and Yamaha. Other motorcycle manufacturers now involved are Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki.

Hennes Fischer, Chairman of CMC communication activities and Senior Advisor to Yamaha Motor Europe, says Autotalks will “add knowledge and experience and will bring CMC closer to its goal of making motorcycling safer”.

AutoTalks has headquarters in Israel and facilities in France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA.Autotalk V2M vehicle-to-motorcycle communication technology Bosch autonomous uniform

  1. Another gadget cagers will ignore unless it plays candy crush.
    Actually if it gets rid of the SMIDSY excuse I’m all for it.
    On a side note, having driven a number of vehicles with very poor visibility I can personally say SMIDSY is often the truth I have been abused by fellow motorcyclists for changing lanes on top of them even after doing my darnedest to check my blind spots.
    And who’s fault was it ? Technically mine but actually the riders for being stupid enough to enter the blind spot of a van and staying there!
    Your safety is your responsibility no one else’s. So even if these new gadgets work I will always assume that the idiot in the cage is out to get me.

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