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Unifilter remains an Aussie patriot

Australian air filter company Unifilter has earned the prestigious and patriotic certification title of “100% Australian Made”. 

Unifilter has been making air filters since 1950 for the motorcycle, automotive, industrial and custom-made industries in Australia.

Unifilter Aussie made

The Aussie certification is no easy feat, as all products that carry the Australian Made Logo must:

  • Have all, or virtually all, processes involved in the production or manufacture of the goods in Australia (Unifilter is 100% produced here);
  • 50% or more of the cost of manufacturing or producing the products must be attributed in Australia (75% of their costs are attributed here. They only import raw materials that can’t be sourced in Australia or the materials in Australia are not to the standard they require); and
  • Unifilter also qualifies to use the Australian Owned logo as they are 100% Australian Owned.

Owner Myles Gooch says he hopes to see great benefits from the 100% Australian Made Labelling.

“Our focus remains heavily focused on our local market. Our client base is 70% domestic, exporting only 30%,” he says.

Unifilter Australia is based in Gosford, NSW, and uses premium raw materials in their manufacturing process, supporting “Australian Made” in their materials and packaging.

Because Australian dust is some of the finest in the world, Unilfter filters down to 4 microns. A lot of foreign-made filters don’t filter that fine.

Their filters are widely used by motorcycle racers as well as amateur dirt riders and adventurers.

Kawasaki Racing Team

They’ve been used by the factory/race teams of Yamaha (for over 20 years), NPS Kawasaki, DPH Motorsports, Carroll Motorsports/Kawasaki Racing Team MX/SX and Wilson Honda MX/SX.

Unifilter is distributed by Motorcycle Accessories distributor, Ficeda.


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