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Uni hints at more LAMS bikes limits

The learner-approved motorcycle scheme (LAMS) should not only consider limits on power-to-weight (PTW) ratio and engine capacity, but also motorcycle type.

The suggestion is included in a new Monash University’s Accident Research Centre report that assesses factors affecting crash risk related to PTW ratio, engine capacity and motorcycle type.

It found that crash risk increased with the PTW ratio in some types of bikes such as sports and naked bikes, but actually decreased with off-road and adventure bikes.

While the uni report did not specify changes to LAMS as used in Australia and New Zealand, it says “further research” is required on the injury crash risks associated with engine size, rider experience and motorcycle type.

“This is needed to validate the observed relationships of crash risks varying positively and negatively with engine size depending on the type of motorcycle,” it says.

“If valid, then there is opportunity to reduce injury outcomes of novice riders by re-assessment of the LAMS to allow for engine capacities relevant to the motorcycle type.”

LAMS limits

Currently, LAMS has 150kW per tonne PTW ratio and 660cc engine capacity limits (except in the Australian Capital Territory). There is currently no restriction on motorcycle type.

Harley-Davidson Australia has been lobbying the Australian Government to axe the engine capacity limit for their cruiser-style motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200 Sportster review limits
Harley Sportsters are above current LAMS limits

Such a move would widen consumer choice for novice riders.

However, the Monash Uni report could also lead to limiting the LAMS list to some some bike types, such as naked and sport.

The report says sports bikes, which have the highest crash risk and highest risk of serious injury outcomes, are becoming “more prevalent in the fleet, which is adversely affecting motorcycle safety”.

“Further adverse effects on motorcycle safety are stemming from the trend to increasing power to weight ratio of newer motorcycles, which has shown a significant association with more severe injury outcomes in a crash.

“Analysis results also suggest that the effectiveness of the LAMS criteria could also be improved by considering motorcycle type in the restriction criteria.”

Given governments’ past propensity to cite MUARC studies, this new report could lead to new limits on the number of bikes available for learners and novices.

  1. I think its time monash uni funding was cut,or at least redirected into useful pursuits.seems like one boondoggle after another at taxpayer expense.

  2. From previous ‘studies’ the main factor that stands out is the small numbers involved.
    Certainly not enough to properly identify trends. I mean if it keeps them entertained and employed and saves them from actually going and getting real jobs fair enough .But I really think we are all a bit tired of having to justify what we do every time some pimply faced dickhead comes up with some new theory.

  3. I saw this video the other day,
    It is not about bikes in the least except that it could make you healthier so you enjoy your ride more it has for me.
    The reason I mention it is it sums up the muarc and pretty much anything that comes out of any university as utter bull shit and explains why very eloquently and hilariously.

    But as a direct comment on this report, Aw Der! I anyone could have told them that! And sport bikes are the most popular bikes that crash on roads resulting in accident reports dirt bikes usually crash off road and only occasionally result in an accident report you bunch of ignorant over educated muppets!

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