Saint's Unbreakable Denim
Saint's Unbreakable Denim jacket, pants and gloves

Unbreakable Denim riding gear claim

Melbourne riding gear company Saint has released riding pants, jackets and gloves made of Unbreakable Denim which is claimed to have abrasion resistance similar to most leathers.

It is made from a blend of 34% cotton and 66% 12oz Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Dyneema.

Saint’s Unbreakable Denim triple-stitched pants, jackets and gloves are claimed to provide 360º torsional strength and be 133 times tougher than 100% denim.


According to European specification (CE EN 13595 Impact Abrasion), the material scores 3.67 seconds of slide time which is about the same as most leathers, according to a joint Deakin University and Neuroscience Research Australia study.

The study was featured on a recent ABC Catalyst program which showed textiles scored as low as 0.25 seconds. (Read the stories below.)

Draggin lining being tested
Dragging lining being tested for abrasion resistance

Compare that with Draggin’s Kevlar Roomoto MR4 lining with DuPont Kevlar which scores 6.67 seconds.

Prices for the Saint Unbreakable Denim gear are almost double what you would pay for Kevlar-lined gear at $700 for the pants (men’s sizes 28-38) $600 for the jackets (men’s S-XXL and women’s 6-14) and $170 for the gloves.

Saint's Unbreakable Denim jacket, pants and gloves Saint's Unbreakable Denim jacket, pants and gloves

The jacket and pants come in blue and black, but there are no women’s jeans.

Kevlar lining is often heavy and scratchy, so they usually include a mesh liner to make them more comfortable. All this makes the gear quite heavy and hot.

Saint claims their Unbreakable Denim is light enough to be worn all day and night like normal denim.

They also feature bound seams and enamel-engraved buttons.

The limited-edition gloves are made in collaboration with Grifter USA and feature Unbreakable Denim on the backs of the hands, a wool lining and light-tanned deerskin on the all-important palms which is where most abrasion resistance is required. Only medium size remains.

  1. I note no comment on another important factor. Heat resistance. I while wearing kevlar jeans had a slide and the only injury i got was from heat transfer from the road slide. I was sure leather would have been better and i wonder if kevlar would be better since it is multi layer than this new unbreakable material. Thin may mean light it also means more heat transfer and less impact absorption. Also $700 for a pair of pants (yes more then Dainese Leather Pants) is admittedly a hipsters paradise but the rest of us might balk at it.

  2. I’m all for more, and better gear and definitely better labelling of protection levels.
    Could you clarify some of the testing you mention in the article?
    I’m a bit skeptical of the direct comparison between different test procedures without more info.

      1. I watched the program, and found it interesting, I’m just not sure it is fair to compare different testing procedures directly. Also, every other abrasion test I have seen for motorcycle leather is alot higher than 3 seconds. I am curious to see what leather was actually tested.

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