The Ultimate Motorcycle Gift Ideas in 2019

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Whether you or a loved one enjoy riding motorcycles, or belong to a biker club, the holiday season means getting yourself a fun motorcycle gift. This could be anything from a sturdy pair of biker gloves to something unique like a skull bracelet.

In 2019, there are plenty of motorcycle gifts for all bikers. Next to enjoying the thrill of riding a two-wheeler is gifting yourself some of the most popular biker items in the market today. To make it easier for you, we highlight some motorcycle gift ideas, you should consider this year.

Protective Gear/Riding Gear

Safety is the number one consideration when riding a motorcycle. Without proper safety gear, your riding could come crumbling down when you get injured. Motorcycle gear is like your second skin. It protects you from elements such as rain, sun, wind, and debris.

Those of us who have experienced the menacing effects of a crash, know better why you should have your riding gear at all times. Imagine coming into contact with the road surface at high speed without gear on? The most significant benefit of riding gear is crash protection. You want to be protected from all kinds of dangers on the road, including wind deafness and flying projectiles.

In case you get a spin, the right motorcycle gear will save you from skin abrasion.

Whether you are a new motorcycle rider or have more than ten years of motorcycle riding under the belt, an investment in motorcycle gear is one you cannot afford to sidestep.

The old mantra, ATGATT (All the Gear All the Time), puts its best, and you should not doubt it. When it comes to buying motorcycle gear, the function, fit, and quality of the gear determines what you eventually go for. When looking for the perfect motorcycle gift for the holidays, consider getting yourself these core motorcycle gear.

  • Helmethelmets gifts

Helmets are always a top consideration for any biker. It is arguably the most essential piece of gear you will ever have. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of severe injuries and even death by 29%. Wearing a proper motorcycle helmet absorbs the impact of hard surfaces on the skull should you get involved in a moto crash. 

But which type of biker helmet should you choose and why? There are three basic types of helmets, including a full-face motorcycle helmet, open face helmet, and ¾ motorcycle helmet. 

When shopping for a holiday gift for you or your loved one, the best gift you can get is a cool motorcycle helmet for guaranteed safety and protection. If you like a little bit of style and fashion, a skull helmet would be an inspired gift idea for the biker in your life. 

  • Motorcycle glovesGloves

Motorcycle gloves protect our hands while keeping us warm or ventilated, depending on the weather. Your ideal riding gloves should be snug and flexible enough to allow for motor control. Nowadays, bikers have a wide range of biker gloves to choose from, including gauntlet gloves, short cuffs, and fingerless motorcycle gloves. There are also heated motorcycle gloves that will make your winter riding worthwhile.

When it gets too hot, summer gloves are your best bet for beating the heat and avoiding sweaty palms. When choosing a glove, the most important thing you should consider is fitment construction quality. Your overall comfort and safety will significantly depend on how well your glove fits your hands. Next to fitment is the material from which the glove is made out of.

Leather motorcycle gloves are very popular with motorcycle riders for their durability and ability to withstand daily use. Other materials, such as synthetic fiber, are also a great alternative to leather while giving you a similar level of protection. 

  • Motorcycle boots

Motorcycle riding boots are made with rider-specific features in mind. They usually come with built-in ankle protection and increased torsional stiffness for better riding. While most will be geared towards riding, some come with a bit of style and flair. You could use them to walk around too. Aside from protecting your lower extremities, riding boots have oil-resistant soles that provide a firm grip on the ground. Protecting your ankle bone should be a top priority when shopping for a motorcycle boot. If you prefer to stand out from the crowd, then you can choose from a wide selection of custom boots, skull boots, and gothic biker boots. These can also be a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season.  

Carriagetail bag

A motorcycle’s carrying ability is not only limited to its cargo rack or stock panniers. There’s more than a few ways you can carry stuff on a bike and never have to stress about luggage.

When considering what to carry on your bike, first determine how much space you will need to ride comfortably and move around freely. Then you can start looking at the carriage options available to you. Fortunately enough, your bike does not have to come with stock carriers. You can easily fit in a motorcycle tail bag or saddlebag to accommodate your clothes, tools, and riding gear. There is also a wide range of specially-built cargo bikes that you can purchase to meet your carrying needs.

You might also want to consider how to carry your stuff off the bike. This is where you need a biker bag for added convenience. For example, a motorcycle chest bag will come in handy when you are walking off your bike. A biker leg bag is both comfortable and roomy enough to carry all your essentials such as keys, wallet, and phone. 

Eye protection glasses

Experienced bikers know that biker sunglasses are an essential accessory. Even if you plan to ride with a full-face helmet on, you can always add a layer of protection with sunglasses or goggles. Unlike regular sunglasses, motorcycle sunglasses are designed to withstand impact and provide much-needed protection against dust, wind, and sun’s glare. Motorcycle goggles have padding that protects you from debris intrusion from the outside and also prevents dry eye effect.

If you like to ride in extreme conditions, you might want a more functional eyewear piece like riding goggles. This is because of their rider-oriented design as opposed to style.

On the other hand, motorcycle sunglasses are the more stylish of the two types of eyewear. They not only make you look cool on your motorcycle but also keep you safe from wind swirls, projectiles, and ultraviolet rays from the sun. What should you look for when choosing biker sunglasses or motorcycle goggles?

The first thing to consider is fitment. Ideally, you want something that fits securely and feels good when wearing them. They should also be able to take a beating and all sorts of the impact that you may encounter when riding. Luckily, riding sunglasses are made just for that.

Choose the right lens. For maximum protection and performance, you want sunglasses and riding goggles that pass the lens test. The right lens will not only help you see the road ahead better but also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet light. The glass used in the construction of your eyewear should be shatter-proof.

The material used- The construction quality of your sunglasses is an essential factor to consider for durability purposes. Shatter-proof material such as polycarbonate is popular among eyewear manufacturers. Polycarbonate and its alternative, trivex, have considerable strength to withstand external force. Glass and plastic are easily broken even under minimal pressure. For longevity and performance, always look for motorcycle sunglasses and goggles made out polycarbonate.

Fashion and Clothingt-shirts

Perks of being a biker is that you get to choose how cool you can be. There are many ways in which bikers can increase their appeal and stand out from the crowd. One way is through biker-oriented fashion like motorcycle t-shirts, cool riding jackets, skull rings and bracelets, leather pants, and skull earrings.

  • Jackets

The motorcycle jacket is undoubtedly a classic fashion symbol for bikers. The biker jacket has become a staple icon of a biker subculture and an enduring fashion symbol for men and women. The leather motorcycle jacket is a must-have piece of wardrobe that has now become an essential fashion accessory and piece of riding gear.

Leather jackets made for riding come with unique features that you will not find anywhere else. For example, they come with double seams to aid in abrasion resistance. They are designed to fit close to your body, so they don’t flap around when you are riding at high speeds in windy conditions. When choosing a riding jacket, consider the type of bike that you ride and choose a jacket that will work with your riding position. Also, the weather that you ride in plays a role in choosing the type of jacket. For example, jackets with a mesh and lots of perforation are ideal for riding in warm weather.Women's leather Jacket

  • Motorcycle t-shirts

Unlike ordinary t-shirts out there, biker t-shirts are made with the highest quality material and print. You’ll love the designs that they come in and the wide selection available for you. Motorcycle t-shirts are a popular fashion accessory that shows your loyalty to the biker lifestyle. You can find a wide range of styles, including military-style t-shirts, skulls, and shirts with motorcycle sayings graphics. If you want to revamp your biker look this holiday season, a motorcycle t-shirt is an excellent gift for anyone.

  • Motorcycle pants

Riding pants are an essential protective gear but often overlooked in favor of jeans. Most riders think that regular denim jeans are just as good for riding and forget that cotton has less than a quarter of abrasion resistance of leather. Aside from offering protection against the elements and providing superior abrasion-resistance, motorcycle leather pants are designed with rider-specific needs in mind. Key design features include visibility, armor, and ventilation. These features ensure you are safe and protected, no matter what happens on the road. Besides, the ventilation on leather pants offers comfort on the hot summer days by allowing airflow. Just like jackets, motorcycle pants are available in leather or textile. Some are equipped with CE-rated armor in the knees and hips for added protection. You want your pants to fit snugly and be flexible enough for riding in all conditions.

  • Skull hoodies

The creative art design of skull hoodies allows you to stand out from the crowd and look cool. Skull hoodies are made out of polyester and spandex and designed to last for a long time. They come in vibrant full-color prints that will instantly attract eyeballs. As a biker, the significance of the skull symbol is one that runs deep into the history or motorcycle riding. It is a constant reminder that you were born to be a rider, and you will live and die as a one. 


For those bikers looking to add a bit of glam to life, jewelry like rings, biker bracelets, and necklaces are a great addition. They allow you to show your unique style when it comes to fashion. Luckily, there is a great variety of jewelry options for bikers that you can choose as gifts at whatever time of the year.

Biker rings are especially popular and explicitly created for a series of bikers. They are handcrafted and made with a personalized touch. Surprise yourself or a loved one with one of these rings, and they will never thank you enough.

What to go for

If you are looking for motorcycle gift ideas to lighten up your holiday season in 2019, then this guide will help you get the right item for your loved one. From cool motorcycle helmets to stylish leather jackets for bikers, there’s a gift for every biker. And what’s more, they are designed to last for a very long time even after the holiday season is over. When choosing the perfect motorcycle gift, consider their long term use and how it will help you improve as a motorcyclist. Choose from any one of these gift categories and you’ll have your holiday sorted.

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