Ugly Fish photo chromic all-day riding glasses

Ugly Fish glasses for all-day motorcycle riders

If you like to ride on into the night, you’ll need glasses that can accommodate both sun and night vision.

We’ve been wearing a pair of Ugly Fish photo chromic glasses since 2014 and found them great for riding in all light conditions.

They start off clear when I put them on in the garage then go dark when I head outside and go clear again if I ride into the night.

They are so popular Ugly Fish, has made photo chromic versions of their popular Warhead and Cannon styles at the same price of $149.95. That price has not changed in four years now!


For those who understand the tint categories, the all-hours lenses transition from a Clear Category 1 to Smoke Category 3 sunglass when exposed to UV. 

The lenses are also shatterproof and have anti-fog coatings that actually work.

They have slim and lightweight TR90 plastic frames that feel comfortable under a helmet and bend so they are difficult to break.

Ugly Fish glasses come with a limited lifetime warranty.

    1. Not as bad as it looks, the advantage however is light can’t reflect on the inside of the lens, when the sun is to your side.

  1. I can attest to the shatter proof quality, I dropped mine on the concrete and as ‘luck’ would have it must have landed right on a protruding stone. The lense cracked in a star pattern internally, the exteriors of the lense remains smooth. A little later I dropped them a second time, the cracks grew, but still did not breach the surface, which are still smooth.

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