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Two bike crash investigations ongoing

Police investigations into two controversial motorcycle crashes in Melbourne are still not resolved up to four months later.

The first happened on July 17 at 1.40pm when a woman in a Camry drove in front two motorcycle riders in Melbourne.

The riders, Steve Caruana and Marc Logan, have only recently left hospital and are still undergoing intensive rehabilitation.

Even though the case seems pretty straightforward, no charges have yet been laid.

“I’m stunned. I have to wait until the case is closed before I can get my money from my excess that I paid,” Steve says.

Ambulance collision investigations

Meanwhile, the other crash investigation is a little more complex as it involves a collision with an ambulance.

Karen Caruso in ambulance collision investigations
Karen Caruso

The crash happened at a set of lights on September 28 at 11am in Vermont South between a Victorian Ambulance Ford Territory and Karen Caruso on her  Ducati.

It is claimed the ambulance went through a red light while Karen was on a green turn signal.

The incident involves the vagaries of the law involving emergency vehicles and their commence with road rules.

Karen’s husband, Max, also says the Victorian Ambulance is changing their story and not being forthcoming with evidence.

“In one report, the driver admits to not seeing the bike,’ Max says. “He also states he went through a green right turn signal but negates to mention he went forward against a red signal.

“And he accelerated into the intersection.”

We contacted relevant police and ambulance services for updates and have been told the investigations are ongoing and that we should continue to check back with them.

We will.

  1. The real question is, would police have already laid charges in the first incident if the motorcycles had done what the car driver actually did? Are police biased against motorcyclists? It seems so to me.

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