Turncycle turns motorcycle around

We’ve seen many inventions for parking and turning motorcycles around in tight spaces, but none as small as this Turncycle motorcycle turntable.

The Canadian-made Turncycle consists of a sturdy but lightweight 400mm-diameter disc that supports the bike by the centre stand and then allows it to be easily turned around.

While it doesn’t work with sidestand-only bikes, Rob Baetz from Turncycle says he is working on a sidestand version. “Hopefully it will be out in the fall of 2015,” he says.

We haven’t tested it, but it looks sturdy and, if it’s made in Canada, we expect it would be good quality.

Turncycle motocycle turntable
Turncycle motocycle turntable

They also say it has non-slip surfaces, is 12.7mm thick, weighs just 4.78kg and will take a bike up to 454kg.

The images we’ve seen of the Turncycle show it supporting big turing bikes like the BMW R 1200 GS which weighs almost 250kg.

The TurnCycle centre stand disc costs $164.99 (Canadian, which is about parity with $A).

“The one thing that makes my product better than some competitive models is I include the two rubber mats which raises the motorcycle up to the same height as the disc, giving you the same lifting effort as if you had the bike on the ground,” says Rob.

The whole package costs $184.99 or you can buy the rubber mats later for $24. They can ship to Australia for about an extra $90 which is now added in the online checkout area of the website.

The disc will work with motorcycles with a centre stand of 20-38cm (8-15″) and will hold a bike of 454kg.


  1. I have viewed your turncycle plate on the internet, I park a Yamaha xjr 1300 in a very confined space could you please inform me if you export to dealers in Australia like Sydney. I have not found any dealers yet Thank you

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