Troy Bayliss at the Brisbane Moto Expo art
Troy Bayliss at the 2014 Brisbane Moto Expo

Troy Bayliss talks on Ducati livestream

Troy Bayliss will feature in the first of a series of Ducati Corse Official Instagram livestream interviews wth racers to entertain riders on “home detention” during the pandemic.

The Aussie three-time World Superbike champion will star on the @ducaticorse Instagram page tonight at 8pm (AEST or noon Italian time).

The following two Thursdays will feature American Champion Ben Bostrom and Ducati Corse eSport rider Andrea Saveri.

Italian presenter DJ Ringo will interview his guests interacting with the viewers through the comments left during the live stream.

Ducati and other motorcycle companies are gearing up to reopen their factories and dealerships around the world, whereas Australian dealerships have not closed during the pandemic.

Troy Bayliss checks Ducati Scramblers dirt tracker workers
Troy Bayliss tours the Ducati factory in Thailand

Ducati says they will open dealerships with a program of special cleaning, customer distancing, masks and other precautions developed by a special task force, says Ducati spokesman Francesco Milicia.

“It is now clear to everyone that the virus won’t disappear from our lives any time soon,” Francesco says.

“We will have to learn to deal with it, putting in place all possible actions to protect ourselves, allowing us to return to live our lives again.

“It is in this context that, by capitalising on the experiences gathered by our internal Task Force as well as some of our Asian dealers, we have developed the Ducati Cares program to support our dealer network all over the world.

“It will allow our dealers to welcome our customers in the safest and most practical way.”


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