Triumph Speedmaster

Triumph plans Speedmaster return

As expected, Triumph will produce cruisers powered by its new water-cooled engines, as these spy photos show a Speedmaster or America being tested in Spain.

Triumph has already created 10 models out of the new platform and two engines with the last being the 1200cc Bobber (read our review here).

Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a styling hit
Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The single-seater Bobber has been so successful, Avon tyre company has had to step up production to keep up supply of the special tyre for the bike.

Even though it was a clever product, it did have many wondering why Triumph would produce a solo-seat cruiser and not a dual-seat cruiser.

So it was inevitable that Triumph would not only create cafe racers and scramblers out of its new platform, but eventually a range of cruisers.

We’re not sure whether they will be called America and Speedmaster again, but we do know that they are close to production.

Some suggest it will be called the Bobber Fat, which is a bit close to Harley-Davidson’s Fat Bob, if you ask me!

Interestingly, they have fettled the test bike with ape hanger bars, wire wheels, two-piece seat, engine bars with radical highway pegs, twin discs and a sissy bar with rear rack.

Triumph Speedmaster
MCN photo of the Triumph Speedmaster being tested in Spain

We’re not sure how many of these will be on the final models, but it shows they are still working on combinations.

The current Speedmaster and America have single discs, while the Speedy has a single bench seat and the America has split seats.

We’re not sure what the ugly object is mounted on the tank, but let’s hope it is a temporary instrument to monitor some aspect of performance for testing only.

This test model has the same exhaust configuration as the 1200cc Bobber and seems to be fitted with the 1200cc engine, but there could also be 900cc variants as well.

Triumph still has the 2.3-litre Rocket III and 1700cc Thunderbird cruisers, so it is not as if they are ignoring the popular cruiser sector.

And we would be circumspect about the success of “midweight” 900 and 1200cc cruisers if it were not for the success of the new Bobber.

In fact, it seems a smart move for Triumph to test the waters first with the Bobber before releasing a Speedmaster and/or America cruiser.

  1. Off topic – I don’t see the 1200cc Trophy on the Triumph website, a change in sales direction for Triumph perhaps?

  2. A Bobber with dual seats, not a Speedmaster/America in it’s current form with a 1,200 cc mill that I was hoping for.but as the Bobber is so successful I can see why Triumph went this way.

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