Paul Baltzer with his 1973 Triumph Bobber custom and 1970s Harley Shovelhead that he will show at the 2017 RACQ MotorFest wave

Triumph Motorcycles rides the retro wave

Triumph Motorcycles has ridden a wave of interest in retro motorcycles to post a 22% increase in revenue and 12.7% increase in sales in the 2016/17 financial year.

The British company says their customers are typically men aged 40 and over who have spurred a 300% increase in retro models over the past five years.

Popular models are the modern retro 900cc and 1200cc liquid-cooled Bonneville range, particularly the Bobber. Click here to read our review.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a styling hit - speedmaster wave
Triumph Bobber

The Bonneville cruiser has been in such demand the Avon tyre factory had to put on another shift to keep up supply of their special Cobra tyres.

Apart from the launch of the new Bonnevilles, Triumph also unveiled the new Street Triple 765 range during the financial year. Click here to read out Street Triple 765 review.

The Triumph result is a triumph given the economic downturn in  Britain following the Brexit vote and the drop in motorcycle sales in the UK and Europe.

Actually most of the increase has come from overseas sales.

In 2016/17, Triumph sold 63,404 up 7151 from 56,253, with 86.1% sold overseas, up from 85.3% in 2015/16.

However, Australian sales are down a massive 24.5% from 2310 to 1745 in the first nine months of 2017.

Meanwhile, turnover rose £90.9 ($A158.9) million to £498.5m ($A871.8m), with profits increasing by £8.1m ($A14.1m) to £24.7m ($A43.2m).

Triumph chief commercial officer Paul Stroud says it was Triumph’s fourth consecutive year of growth.

Wave of growth

Triumph Speedmaster - Bobber Black wave
Triumph Speedmaster

Triumph is on track for another bumper financial year with the updated Tiger 800 and 1200 models and the new Speedmaster released so far this financial year and an updated Speed Triple expected next year.

Other factors pointing to a continued wave of growth are:

Steve McQueen’s TR6 herded cows wave
Steve McQueen’s restored Triumph TR6


  1. It’s really annoying that when anyone comments on the British economy the word brexit always seems to come into it, no matter what the subject, as though it gives the author some kind of economic legitimacy, when in fact the UK economy is buoyant thanks to brexit, as triumphs own worldwide sales show, and has outperformed all the doom and gloom mongers. If motorcycle sales are down its usually because of a lack of anything inspiring to buy, not just the ridiculous prices being asked. Triumph will also be supplying moto2 from 2019, which should give every motorcycle enthusiast something to smile about, no matter where they live.

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