Taken from InSella's Facebook Page

Triumph Could Expand Their Lineup of Mid-Displacement Motorcycles

Could We Get Multiple 660cc Triumph Options?

It doesn’t make much sense for a motorcycle company to spend millions on R&D for a new engine to only use it in a single bike. That is typically why you find engines being repurposed into multiple bikes to save on costs. If you can buy a 1000cc supersport race bike, you can bet that same manufacturer packaged that engine into a naked option, and in some cases even a few more bikes.

With the recent announcement of the Triumph Trident, we can only speculate if the brand has any plans on packaging the (rumored) 660cc engine into some other motorcycle variations to fill some gaps in their current lineup.

With many brands coming out with mid displacement ADV motorcycles to fill the niche for new riders looking to get their gear a little muddy, It’ll be up to Triumph if they want to explore that market by using their new 660cc platform.

Taken from InSella’s Facebook Page

inSella.it shared a picture that was taken during a Triumph dealership presentation showcasing a projected image of three new bikes with the titles “Adventure Bike”, “Roadster” and “Adventure Sport”.

The “Roadster” model is very obviously the new Trident, so it would only make sense that the models to the left and right of it would be bikes built around the same engine platform. You can see on the Adventure Sport model that it has three exhaust headers, meaning it’s an inline-three much like the roadster is rumored to be.

If you’re a new rider looking to get on a Triumph, perhaps wait for these potential 660cc options to hit the market.

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