Triumph Bonneville
2016 Triumph Bonneville spy photo

Triumph Bonneville gets radiator, twin discs

Worldwide pollution emissions control regulations are spelling the end of the traditional air-cooled motorcycle with the Triumph Bonneville the next in line.

BMW has liquid cooled its boxer engine, the Indian Scout has a radiator and Harley has moved toward water cooling with the new Street and one of its Touring models.

So what’s next victim for the tough new European (Euro 5) and American emissions controls? Moto Guzzi, Ducati, Victory and Indian?

Meanwhile, spy photos have emerged of the next-generation Triumph Bonneville being tested, showing a small radiator between the slightly modified front frame supports.

While it doesn’t make too much of an impact on the design, it still is a major change for such a traditional looking bike which hasn’t been changed since 2001. In fact, when EFI was introduced in 2008, they put the injectors inside the old carburettor bodies so it didn’t alter the looks too dramatically and upset traditionalists.

It is believed Triumph will offset the traditionalists’ anger by increasing the capacity of the parallel twin above 856cc and increasing power and torque. It should also improve fuel economy from the 16-litre tank.

Another spy image has now emerged showing a Bonneville with twin discs up front. While that’s good news, it probably means the weight of the bike has substantially been increased for the radiator and extra plumbing. There doesn’t appear to be any ABS wheel on the disc.

Triumph Bonneville
2016 Triumph Bonneville spy photo

Let’s hope they also do something about the very basic suspension, too. I’ve updated mine with Gazi shocks in the rear which are fantastic, but they only show up the lack of ability in the forks!

From the spy photo it looks like they have retained the same narrow telescopic forks, so let’s hope the internals are improved.

The new Triumph Bonneville is expected to debut at the 2016 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan in October.

Triumph Bonneville T100 with Gazi black shocks
MBW’s 2010 Triumph Bonneville now with Gazi rear shocks
  • What do you think of a liquid-cooled Triumph Bonneville?
  1. Hi mark,I’m back into biking after 46 years. Bought America 4 yrs ago now have speedmaster. The bigger motor, twin front discs and abs will be great on the 2016 South Africa we have longer runs at sustained high speeds and the limiter on the current bikes(now removed)was a pain

    1. Hi Daryn,
      Sure thing.
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