Triumph announced Tiger 900 models

Triumph announced Tiger 900 models

Triumph will unveil the Tiger 900 Rally and GT models on 3 December 2019, according to this teaser video.

It shows a new headlight and daytime running light system at the front that looks like but horns.

The only other shots of the full bike are from too far away.

However, the video ends with a link to an official page to stay informed on the bike’s release.

It includes a few photos that show the screen is adjustable, it has gold anodised forks which could be Ohlins, the Rally is obviously the off-roader and the GT is the tourer, possibly with standard luggage.

We’re not sure at this stage the 900 Rally and GT will replace the Tiger 800 to meet Euro5 emissions starting in January or if the two models will co-exist.

One thing is for sure, the naming makes a lot more sense than the XRX, XCX, XRT and XCA of the 800s.

Any name that needs explaining is a marketing disaster!

  1. I tend to agree with the confusion in regards t the naming of the Tigers. I was looking at buying an 800 but for the life of me now I can’t remember which one as I was lost in which was which. Plus you can throw in the 800 low just for the heck of it. I ended up buying a BMW. A little easier for me.

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