Nolan N21 in scratched chrome
Nolan N21 in scratched chrome

Trendy new Nolan open-face helmets 

Nolan has launched the trendy new N-21 open-face helmet that will suit a variety of riders from cafe-racing hispsters to cruiser riders.

The Italian-made N21 has old-school fighter pilot styling with a goggle style visor that slides up inside the shell.

Selected models are also available with a special scratched chrome paint work to further enhance their character.

The helmet starts at $199 for plain colours, $239 for graphics and the scratched chrome model is $309. Check them out online at Ron Angel Wholesale.

For those who want the better protection and comfort of a full-length visor, there is also the N21 Visor version which sells from $239.

Nolan N21 Visor wth full visor
Nolan N21 Visor wth full visor

While an open-face helmet does not afford face protection, it does provide a better field of view which is handy in traffic.

The decision to ride wth an open or full-face helmet lies with the rider.

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