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Lamington Park National Rd is no dead end
There is nothing dead about the amazing ‘dead-end” ride to O’Reilly’s and back on the Lamington National Park Rd in South East Queensland. Despite the Gold Coast hinterland being ravaged by bushfires in September 2019, the scenery along this road is as spectacular and pristine as ever. You wouldn’t even... Read More
Mt Ruapehu crescendo
When the co-founder of New Zealand’s oldest motorcycle tour company recommends a road as one of his favourites you know you are in for a crescendo to finish your Kiwi tour. Day 14 of our Hobbit Odyssey motorcycle tour of the North and South islands on a Harley-Davidson Road King... Read More
(Contributed article) Dubai, United Arabs Emirates is one of the most visited cities in the world. The beautiful desert landscape, the tall skyscrapers and the serene environment of Dubai, makes the city a very appealing destination for tourists. Dubai is also home to some of the best hotels in the... Read More
Volodymyr Zhukovskyy New Hampshire pick-up crash motorcycles rejected
The driver of a truck that ploughed head-on into a group of riders, killing seven and injuring several others, is seeking release from jail pending his trial date which has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The biker massacre occurred in New Hampshire on Father’s Day 2019 when the Marine... Read More
Moroccan magic World on Wheels tour
(Moroccan Magic in Dades Gorge. Image: World On Wheels (Sponsored post) There are no methods to this crazy life we lead No secret paths to walk upon Just hang Love’s portrait in the cathedral of your heart And warm the landscapes of your soul – Billy Thorpe Aussie rock legend... Read More

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Images: Celtic Ride Motorcycle Rentals Ireland
(Sponsored Post) How far would you go to win a fortune? Would you hop stark naked (but sporting a helmet!) on a motorcycle and race against the clock through the Irish... Read More
Granite Belt wonders
The Granite Belt in southern Queensland tempts Gold Coast rider and MBW contributor Todd Parkes who organised a two-day trip with the help of Monique Krause, marketing coordinator of Granite Belt Wine... Read More
Europe motorcycle travel parking Italy tunnel GPS satnav Stelvio
Riding in Europe can be a delight, exhilaratingly fast, frustratingly slow, confusing, challenging and even expensive. The continent is as big as Australia or the USA so there is a... Read More

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