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New Zealand
As we cruise back into Auckland at the end of our two-week Hobbit Odyssey to return the trusty Harley Road King, we think back on the best and worst of summer riding in New Zealand. The Good: 1 Scenery. There really are no boring parts; at least we didn’t see...
Volodymyr Zhukovskyy New Hampshire pick-up crash motorcycles rejected
The driver of a truck that ploughed head-on into a group of riders, killing seven and injuring several others, is seeking release from jail pending his trial date which has been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The biker massacre occurred in New Hampshire on Father’s Day 2019 when the Marine...

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Norton Commando trio up for auction
An Australian record of $A251,000 for a motorcycle number plate has been paid for a New South Wales black and white numerical motorcycle number plate ‘2’. The anonymous bid was...
Compass Expeditions tours screened on TV
The COVID-19 pandemic has sadly claimed the Australian-based Compass Expeditions worldwide motorcycle travel company. A Facebook statement from the company blames their closure on the “subsequent collapse of forward bookings...
Tunnel vision
We don’t usually recommend riders have tunnel vision, unless it’s an unused historic tunnel of which there are many throughout the nation. If you’re a bit of a history buff,...
Images: Celtic Ride Motorcycle Rentals Ireland
(Sponsored Post) How far would you go to win a fortune? Would you hop stark naked (but sporting a helmet!) on a motorcycle and race against the clock through the Irish...

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