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How to Transport Your Motorbike

A motorbike is a fantastic form of transportation, but there may be times where you are unable to ride the bike and need to find a way to transport it. This could be on a particularly long journey, because repair work needs to be carried out or any other reason. So, what do you do in these situations? Fortunately, it can be relatively straightforward to transport a motorcycle when you know how.

Using a Van

The best way to safely transport a motorcycle is to use a van. You can find suitable vans from places like Imperial Car Supermarkets and you will need to make sure that there is plenty of room in the back for your bike.Queensland Motorcycle Breakdown Service tyre punctures transport


There are then a few pieces of equipment that you will need to safely load and transport the bike in the back of a van. These include a loading ramp, ratchet straps/bungee cords, chocks and a canyon dancer bar harness. It is also helpful if you have a spare pair of hands to help you to load the bike into the back of the van.

Loading the Bike

First, you need to make sure that the bike is in neutral and to secure the ramp so that it will not slip. One person should then hold the handlebars straight while the other pushes the bike from behind. You may then need someone to also pull the bike in when it is near the top of the ramp at its heaviest.

Securing the BikeTransport puncture flat tyre GT10009

To secure the bike in place you will need to put the kickstand up and put the chocks in place to prevent the wheels from moving. You can then attach the canyon dancer harness with the ratchet straps attached to the harness. The ratchet straps should then be affixed to the floor or wall of the van – tighten them to make sure that there is no movement.

This is the easiest, safest and most effective way to transport a motorcycle. It can be intimidating and daunting at first as you will not want to damage your bike but once you have secured the bike once and seen just how secure it is you will feel much more confident the next time. You need to make sure that you have the right van for the job and high-quality equipment and once you have this it can be quick and easy to secure a bike for transportation.

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  1. It’s good to know that I can transport my motorcycle in something as simple as a van and it would be safe enough. One of my goals in life is to try out as many extreme sports as possible and I recently registered in my first motocross event. I better start looking for a motorcycle transport so that everything is set for me to compete.

  2. Hey this looks awesome!! I am really thinking about getting a van to transport my bikes (dual sport and dirt bike) – but I have some concerns and maybe you can help shed some light!

    1) Do you smell gas fumes from the bike? Do you think a partition is necessary?

    2) What are your thoughts on wheelbase? The vans I’ve looked at are between 118″ and 136″ – the bike would fit in both but what do you think about driving longer vans around?

    Really great article, thanks again!

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