Top cop to ride in toy run

The ride register will remain and recreational riders will continue to be incorrectly intercepted in the short term, but riders have been promised long-term gains from the current Queensland Police crackdown on criminal bikie activity.
That was the mixed outcome of a second meeting held today of Police Commissioner Ian Stewart and Police Minister Jack Dempsey with representatives of Queensland recreational rider groups.
In a 90-minute far-ranging meeting to discuss operational issues surrounding the “bikie crackdown” but not the legislation itself, the Minister promised that in the long-term, recreational rider numbers would grow and they would enjoy an “improved environment for recreational riders”, free from intimidation by criminal bikies.
He and the Commissioner also promised to start promoting the positive aspects of recreational motorcycling such as tourism, charity work and transport benefits, starting with their participation in toy runs over the next two weekends.
Commissioner Stewart said he would ride a police Yamaha in this Sunday’s 17th annual Ipswich Toy Run (Deputy Police Commissioner Brett Pointing said it must be the first time a serving state police commissioner had participated in a motorcycle toy run), while the Minister promised to cancel other arrangements to pillion in the Gasoline Alley Toy Run the following weekend.
But the Commissioner didn’t retract his voluntary ride register which has been rejected in a poll by 93% of readers of this site. Read my story here.
In fact, he encouraged more clubs to register their rides to avoid “slip-ups” (mistaken interceptions) and avoid criminal bikies “infiltrating” social rides, even though Deputy Police Commissioner Brett Pointing confirmed that “to the best of my knowledge” not one criminal bikie had been caught on a planned recreational club ride.
Since the register was introduced two weeks ago, 25 rides have been registered by about 15 different clubs.
The Commissioner said he also couldn’t promise that there would not be more “slip-ups” and “inconveniences” where innocent riders were mistakenly intercepted and he couldn’t say how long that situation would continue.
He also said more people could be falsely accused of being criminal associates and he couldn’t offer a method of clearing your name (although one club representative suggested riders go to their local police station to have their name cleared – a suggestion that was roundly ignored).
However, the Commissioner did promise that:

  • recreational riders were not being targeted;
  • he would apologise to the families of people falsely accused of being associates of criminal bikies;
  • he would write to lawful club blogs, encouraging riders to continue social activities;
  • he would directly invite and encourage HOG members around the nation to attend the Cairns AGM rally in May and that they would have “nothing to worry about”;
  • junior officers not used to dealing with motorcycle riders would be further educated to avoid incorrect interceptions;
  • he would attend more meetings with the representatives of recreational rider groups; and
  • there would be “less and less pulling groups up”.

Meanwhile, the Minister promised he would:

  • speak with the Premier and Ministerial colleagues to encourage them to send a positive message about social motorcycle clubs;
  • promote the positives of motorcycling such as regional tourism;
  • invite the Transport Minister to the next meeting so motorcycling transport issues can be discussed; and
  • promote the charity work of “legitimate” motorcycle clubs in his media statements.

The meeting, held in the State Law Offices, included Australian Motorcycle Council representative Tony Ellis who flew in from Sydney, Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland president Chris Mearns, Harley Owners Group Australia executive Kim Williams who flew in from Sydney, and representatives of clubs such as the Diggers, Ulysses and BMW Club of Queensland.
The latter told the meeting that even his members had been incorrectly intercepted “in the pouring rain” by officers who couldn’t tell the difference between a BMW, a dirt bike, a race bike and a cruiser.
He also said that during the meeting he had received a text to say a planned club Christmas function had been cancelled because members were so concerned about the situation they would not attend.
The impact on riding and regional tourism was echoed by Kim who said they were hoping for 2000 to attend the HOG AGM in Cairns.
“But I’ve received phone calls from people saying they are not going because they don’t want to ride through Queensland,” she said.
“It’s a national problem now.” She also said HOG members fully agreed with the crackdown on criminal gangs.
There was unanimous common ground over the negative reporting by the mainstream media, particularly The Courier-Mail.
A Diggers Motorcycle Club member said the result of the media’s negative spin and political rhetoric was that the general public was becoming aggressive toward all motorcycle riders.
Chris said he was disappointed that the Commissioner couldn’t provide an answer for people falsely accused nor explain the term “associate”.
Tony said the AMC would “wait and see” if the political negative rhetoric about motorcycles died down.
“We have to give them the benefit of the doubt,” he said.
AMC spokeswoman Eva Cripps who attended the first meeting said this evening that the current situation is “untenable”.
“Motorcyclists should not have to put up with any harassment, labeled as ‘inconvenience’, while going about their lawful business.”
Open dialogue is always better than no dialogue or confrontation, even if the membership of these biker meetings may not be perfect.
It appears that there is more pain (loss of freedoms, civil liberties and basic human rights) to suffer in the short term as the government and police continue in their war on bikies.
Meanwhile we have been promised a rosy future with no outlaw bikies, promotion of motorcycling and even the tantalising carrot of having some of our issues discussed with the Transport Minister (how about free tollways, free footpath parking, discount multiple regos, etc?).
However, the end does not justify the means.
There is a lot of work that the police need to do to avoid stomping on innocent people’s rights.
And then there’s the matter of the draconian legislation itself. The only way that may be changed is with a High Court challenge or a change of government.
I asked to be invited to this meeting as a Queensland representative of the motorcycling media and I was surprised to receive an invitation and acknowledgement at the meeting.
I will gladly return for any subsequent meetings if the invitation is extended again.
Let the dialogue continue.
Now, it’s your turn to have your say in the comment box below.
I can guarantee you that the government and police are monitoring your comments on this site.
Fourteen of the 26 motorcycle clubs that have been declared criminal associations by the Queensland Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment (VLAD) Act have announced they will launch a High Court challenge to the laws before Christmas.
The challenge is expected to cost $500,000 and will by fought by NSW Hells Angels barrister Wayne Baffsky and a Brisbane law firm.
The AMC previously announced a fighting fund to assist any legal challenge to any of the draconian laws.

  1. This whole site is full oh emotional uninformed CRAP. I have ridden for 40 years. For me nothing has changed. I have been pulled over for routine checks approximately 5 times since this legislation was passed. Each time has been a pleasant, friendly exchange of words while waiting for my licence details to be verified. My ride has been quickly looked over and never had a problem. There was 1 time when 1 officer was confused about my class of licence and the size of my bike. I think he was having a bad day and he almost lost it with me, however i appealed to his partner to radio in and verify if i could legally ride the bike i had( L.A.M.B.). It came back as O.K. She discreetly apologised for his attitude, and wished me a pleasant night. I have ridden 78000 kilometres over the past 7 years. THE SYSTEM WORKS.

  2. Pillion passenger or not he is riding with a motorcycle gang and as such breaking his own law he must be arrested and prosecuted to the full force of the law the same as any other bike rider is no exceptions to the law. the law is the law you now are a criminal and as such cannot hold the title of POLICE MINISTER!

  3. Let’s be honest about this, the Police already know who the criminals are and they have made their arrests. The criminals are not riding bikes anymore, and they were never dedicated motorcyclists anyway. If the Police continue with their heavy handed tactics towards law abiding motorcyclists then we have to question their motives. They have been looking for every possible opportunity to defect the motorcycle or fine the rider for some obscure issue. Revenue grab, or a thinly veiled attack on motorcycle enthusiasts??? I don’t think other sectors of the community would accept this. We must speak up VERY LOUDLY

  4. Can we stop the commisioner and make him take his shirt off – see if he thinks being checked is a slight inconvenience

  5. I am one of many who have been riding motor bikes most of our lives. I am and have always been a tax payer. At no stage during my life have I ever been intimidated by any 1% club members. I do how ever choose to associate with like minded friends who love nothing better than getting on our bikes and riding as often as we can and as far as we want to on any given day. we enjoy each others company we spend our hard earned money at local establishments through out the state of Qld we choose to stay away over night again spending our hard earned money. We are a group of small business men with no criminal history, Having said this I have been harassed on countless times by THE POLICE SERVICE at some stage during my 58years they gave up being a POLICE FORCE to become a SERVICE I must admit that I still find this very amusing because when they where a FORCE (during my younger years )they were respected by the public and at this time they knew how to do there jobs protect the public (US) fight criminal activity, during this period of change They lost the respect of the public and become nothing but public servants on revenue raising exercises. This seems to be what they are employed to do. Six weeks ago I was at a set of traffic lights with my 5FT tall 48kilo wife on the back of my bike when a police car lights flashed and a short burst on the siren for me to pull over for a so called licence check, by this stage they had already established who owns the bike my address and that i am indeed licenced with no criminal history. At no stage did they pull over a car, 4WD,or a truck driver for licence checking. Have a nice day officer. Criminal elements go back as far as time itself and the POLICE have been fighting crime forever. During all this time it has been widely known about the brown paper bags some of our respected LAW OFFICERS have found in there possession yet us bike riders are the target of these laws what a laugh this is.
    This Government has taken a shotgun approach to law enforcement what a joke. I for one won’t register when I ride with my friend’s to have breakfast at one of the beachfront cafe’s we dine at. and then enjoy a ride in the country.!!!!!!!

  6. The only form of intimidation I see present is our current government that have manipulated the legislation to their gain. Knowing damn well the devastating impact this is having on the community. Now you get in bed with HOG etc to make you appear biker friendly supporting the charities. It’s all about appearances and smoke screens….You must all be getting your pockets filled up well.

  7. I have ridden bikes since i was in primary school, no not push bikes… I have owned a Motorbike most of my adult life, I have been on Poker Runs, Charity rides, and more, NOT ONCE have I ever felt intimidated by a “BIKIE” or club member, NOT once have I ever had any trouble… I can actually remember a time many years ago when the Pacific HWY ran through Newcastle. I would have been 20.. and i got lost, ended up out the front of a motorcycle clubhouse…. and only got helped and given directions and help on how to get back on my way, i was not on a Harley, nope a Yamaha RD350 for those who remember that bike, I was not preached to, sledged or intimidated in any way, rather the opposite. I also was not DRAFTED or any attempt to do so. I have had nothing but positive things whenever i have had dealing with “BIKIES” as the term seems to have turned into. I have even had one guy put his own life at risk after i feel off mine after a MRAQ toy run to Colleges Crossing about 15 yrs ago to stop me getting run over by cars that just weren’t going to stop as i ended up on the road upside down in the oncoming traffic, if not for him, i might not be here today t tell you this.

    I have had more intimidation from Police, and the General Public whilst riding a motorbike in that time than i can count…. This sudden act of misguided good faith by both these men Ian Stewart and Jack Dempsey is FALSE… it is a smoke screen gesture, and a media stunt… Organisers have been told.. they come, or they will not have an event…. THAT IS DISGUSTING to say the least, and i believe every word of that, REPORT on that one COURIER MAIL… !!!!

    IF as they state no recreational rider will be affected by these laws, and they are aimed at those 26 clubs, STATE THAT fact without any DOUBT WHAT SO EVER in that piece of Legislation. You won’t, because that is not its intended purpose and you are NOT BEING TRANSPARENT…. why not fix the problem, and it will go away… but you will still have the HIGH Court challenge from those 26 clubs….. An individual is the criminal NOT THE ORGANISATION, and I hope they sue the backside of the QLD government for being discriminated against so blatantly… there are already laws in place to deal with individuals… can’t just go around willy nilly pointing the finger at anyone you like, as you are doing, and get away with it, without evidence and based on MR Newman and Mr Bleijie’s one sided opinion.. A good leader does not let his own personal agenda or opinion cloud the judgement of what his underlying task is… that task is what is best for the ORGANISATION (QLD) that he leads… he has broken every rule, human rights law, and anti discrimination law there is, where is the justice for HIM….. both should be sacked immediately…. no question. His responses don’t cut it, and are nothing more than blinding and clouding the judgement of the sheep following him without even reading these laws.

    I have had one man i know, a QLD Gov employee, I bike rider, A long term bike rider, covered in Tattoo’s, looks like the “BIKIE” tag… when i had a discussion with him over this, he got angry, his words, stop being stupid, if Mr Newman says we won’t be targeted we won’t, but he refuses to read the LAWS, he refuses to believe there is anything in the Media about this problem (gee’s you would have to be blind to miss it) and he refuse to believe that any law could exist like this, so his theory is .. i am lying and making things up. He won’t look at any thing that relates to this, because its stupid to think that this could happen in todays society, he thinks someone got on Facebook and is making this all up, because he has seen nothing. Mind you his bike has been garaged for 6 months now. how many other people are doing this…. i have dozens in my circle alone feel similar to this, they think this is so unbelievable that they will not even look at it.

    I asked Mr Newman today, that HE should be the Pillion on a motorbike, AS WELL… no response to any of my emails, he should participate in this ride…. bet he won’t. I offered to go pick him up, drop him home safely choose the bike. I don’t have tattoos, I don’t have a criminal record, i don’t do drugs, i have 3 kids, am a regular volunteer, have led a charity based Organisation for the past 5 years, have a clean driving record, full no claim bonus for car or bike insurance, have a working with children Blue Card, am listed with ASIO as i hold a licence to transport explosives. Not a member of ANY bike club, a past member of MRAQ…. long time ago…. but that it.

    However i feel all Qldrs are being discriminated against while these laws stay in their current form, wording, extra laws added to them and are being left open to interpretation by QPS members. Define them…. do it NOW… and answer the Questions, face the public… what have you got to hide ?

  8. Free speech and freedom of association … that is what this is about … and yet I see folk commenting in here negatively about what others have chosen to do in their lives. Hypocrisy much?
    Riding is not about who votes for who or what job you do …
    We need to rise above these laws and show the community we can associate peaceably and with good purpose.
    It alarms me that the rabble-rousers on both sides have caused otherwise caring people to avoid an event (a toy run) because of a perceived risk of being pulled over and asked who you are … or that someone with a job intends to ride alongside you.
    So get a grip people preferably on something other than your egos.
    The kiddies are not interested in our stupidities … they just want a nice xmas.

  9. The 25 clubs who registered their rides are just pathetic. Any motorcycle organisation whose approach is anything less than 100% solidarity with their fellow riders should be ashamed of themselves.
    If you get harassed by the cops because a) you’re a 1% wannabe on a Harley in leathers or b) pulled up because some pimple-faced punk with a gun doesn’t know the difference between a Harley and Ducati…both of these are nothing but opportunities to embarrass an incompetent government. Fight them all the way. Refuse to be searched or photograph for tattoos. The first innocent person they charge under this legislation will be the biggest PR victory for riders yet.

  10. I would hate to see any ground given to this Government. If it wins then we can kiss goodbye to all of our Guaranteed Freedoms and Rights under Common Law. Make no mistake, this legislation is designed to do exactly that. It has nothing to do with 1% clubs and their minimal criminal activity, but it has everything to do with Control.

    Under this legislation Unions will have no teeth to fight for their members workplace rights in Queensland.

    Under this legislation, no one will be able to legally protest at the upcoming G20 meeting in Queensland, or any other protest.

    Under this legislation unions and other clubs will not be able to have meetings to plan industrial action. (see Party Laws).

    Under this legislation the burden of proof that you are not an associate, or criminal, is on Your shoulders. You are no longer Innocent until proven Guilty.

    Under this legislation you are losing your rights to freedom of movement without being harrassed.

    Under this legislation the Ride Register is a Data Mining Exercise to build a database of all riders in Queensland, maybe Australia. It is as cancerous to your freedom of movement as is the Facial Recognition System that was slipped in under our noses.

    It is important to educate the population that these Laws ARE NOT “Anti-Bikie Laws” at all, that the legislation makes no mention of them at all, and, that this legislation is about Control of the masses ONLY.

    Vote well next year folks. Throw some spare cash into the legal fighting fund if you can so we can take it to the High Court if needed.

    Then be prepared for the next volley of Laws that will come to take away your Rights and Freedoms in Our Australia.

    Since these comments are monitored.. these words of mine can be construed as being Sedition, so come and get me you bastards.

  11. Funny how the new bikie laws never actually mention the word bikie! These new laws are nothing more than a grab for power by a corporate entity which goes by the name of the QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT, which is registered on the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a US company. Naturally they need to bring in bylaws, that the Australian people believe are real laws, so they can further erode our rights. How else will their elite corporate crime bosses disposses Queenslanders of their land so they can rape it of its natural resources, while poisoning the soil and Artesian water basin.

    This is the same organisation who pours copious amounts of fluorided, which is an s6 and s7 poison, into the Queensland people’s water supply, even though the Queensland referendum returned a NO vote to water fluoridation. This occurs even though Dr Dean Burk, PHD, who worked at the National Cancer Institute for 34 years claimed putting fluoride in the water is MURDER! He also claimed that 20% of all cancer is caused by water fluoridation.

    The definition of a traitor is a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust, or a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country. I think that says it all people!

    1. This is hijacking this issue, please stay on topic and don’t introduce other issues especially when they are fringe issues – it will just lead to arguments about unrelated matters

      1. As for hijacking the issue I think you have missed the point. The US company going by the name of QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT is poisoning the Australian people, contrary to a lawfu referendum held on this issue, The Beattie Labour Government(?) also removed all property rights of Queenslanders in 2001 by replacing the Crown with the Brigalow Corporation in the Queensland Constitution, unlawfully, because they changed it without a referendum. The point I am making is who is the criminal gang here? The bikies have not broken any law, but the alleged government has broken heaps of laws! Wake up people this bikie issue is only the tip of the iceberg. The Australian people are in BIG trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Please take your ramblings to some other site and stop distracting the conversation with your madness. We have enough to do deal with in real life.

    2. So Kazz if l’m reading right on the us site, qld government is $3,000,000,000.00 in debt to the us

      That sounds about right with the borrowing of money we keep getting!

      1. The real question is why are we borrowing money when the Australian government has a right to print its own? We borrow money that has to be paid with interest, only the interest is never put into circulation. It is nothing more than a usury system of finance that is used to enslave people, a ponzi scheme! This is why it was outlawed in the Old Testament.

  12. We have two 1% clubs in my area and not once have I been intimidated by then, I might add that I have not been intimidated by police either. This law is a political beat up to try to show the public that they are doing something. There were laws in place to control criminal activities before this.

  13. A lot of Members of HOG are first time Harley Buyers who are automatically granted Membership to the group, They buy their leather Vest and fill them up with all sorts of Badass Badges right next to their Shiny HOG patch, This General Membership does not grant you Membership to any of the Chapters Oh No , you have to be accepted into these separate little chapters all over the place , These Chapters are run no different a 1% club except for the fact that anybody can Join these Little HOG chapters. You can buy Life Membership Patches off eBay, you can buy all their silly little miles travelled on the internet. I find most of them embarrassing to the Motorcycle World, they want to act like they are better than anybody else, half of them want to dress and act like a 1%er but lack the fortitude and commitment to ever take that step. No easier to act like a big tough biker than run and hide like they are doing now. HOG members will just bow to any demand the police put on them. Support their Toy run not a hope in hell. They are just Media Hungry wannabes. Look at me Look at Me I am doing good. They will do more damage to our cause than good. As with anybody else who sucks up to the these laws. THE ONLY REAL ANSWER TO ANY OF THIS IS TO HAVE THESE LAWS REPEALED ONCE AND FOR ALL. You want real Law and Order it is so simple it is not funny, Introduce Truth in Sentencing, Increase Minimum Sentencing. That’s it, there would have been no need to any further than that. But now they have declared War and as someone said they will try to divide and conquer, they will get these soft organizations on side HOG, Ulysses and the Like , Promise them the world they will go yayyyy we won’t be hassled anymore, they forget about the Thousands of other riders out there that will remain to be hassled and incarcerated just for talking with their Mates. They don’t care about you they never have and never will.

    1. I’m with you bro, we need to have a Woodstock like protest in Canberra , squeeze the pollies into a corner , make Newman step down, and the law dropped , the only way we will beat this is have affect on there lives like they do ours, imagine the little grubs fear they would have if 20,000 bikers heading for Canberra , take it over till they se sence, protest rides to each parliment in each state isn’t enough , I heard that Newman said we wasted our time. let’s show him something that I don’t think he can handle.

    2. Just what we need. A rider running down other riders in a forum monitored by the guberment. Let’s stand together until this is sorted.

  14. I understand Dempsey will just be some Hog’s bitch for the day, if he was a rider he would probably think twice about filling in the ride registration form which requires your name, phone and email address, your date of birth, drivers licence number and expiry date. Don’t think so…..

  15. Minister is going to Gasoline Alleys toy run, this is a buisness that a sponsor for 1% clubs, that make them a associate under the legislation, so does then the minister become a associate? just asking

  16. Intimidated by an outlaw biker? I must have slept through all the times that was happening to me. Intimidated by the police? Yep, has happened many times. I am waiting for the day the cops pull me over and demand to see my tattoos. I will take great delight in stripping butt naked in the middle of the street because I have tattoos that can only be seen that way. I am waiting for the day that I am arrested under these new laws so that I can sue the arse off them for wrongful arrest. Bring it on Newman your days are numbered.

    1. I agree, no intimidation from bikers only by police……count down the numbers Newman they are getting shorter…

  17. As a former cabbie and Harley rider i have been intimidated more by the police than any 1%er.
    The amount of harassment i received by the police as a cabbie was unbelievable. At least i was brave enough to argue when they got it wrong and never received a ticket or instant fine. Only got 2 speeding fines, my fault. Watching the traffic or talking to my customer instead of staring at the speedo.
    I am currant without a licence, my fault, due to drink driving and riding without a licence convictions.
    The police allready had the power to shut down the criminal activity of the any criminal gang and associates under the drug and firearms acts.
    Now a find i am a criminal, without commiting a crime, because i assoicate and do business with several 1%ers. I challenge the police to come and arrest me.
    I live at 12/53 Windemere Road, Alexandra Hills.
    Not hard to find.
    They should be aware that if a do time for no criminal offense i will sue the state government and the individuals involved personally in the highest courts avaiable to an individual for abuses of my human rights under the United Nations Human Rights Charter that Australia signed.
    I have allready laid a compliant with the Commonwealth Human Rights Commisson against the VLAD laws. That was 2 weeks ago. Maybe the LNP has silenced them to. What a bunch of lying thieving crims the LNP are.

    Peter Thompson.
    kiwipete R4R

  18. Why are you repeating their bullshit? I don’t care what they say, bunch of liars. If Dempsey or the Commissioner turn up to a toy run, I hope every biker there turns around and goes home. Seriously – if we have any level of solidarity with the MCs who have been targeted by Herr Newman and his fascist regime, you’d tell them to go away.

    1. If we had any solidarity as motorcyclists we would turn up in force to the toy runs with our big girl blouses on … with our donation toys bungeed to our bikes.

  19. In the US, as often as not, the police choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore.  If a crackdown regarding particular laws occurs it is often at the direction of politician or some public outcry, and when that politician loses interest or the public outcry declines, the cops move back to normal.  Not saying that this is right or wrong it just is.  I can’t believe that this fact of life herein the US is much different there in OZ.

    What drove the creation of VLAD and the crackdown on motorcyclists?  What/who is pushing the cops to crackdown on motorcyclists?  Was your political leader molested as a child by a 1%’er (or in your case a .06%’er), did his wife or girlfriend run off with one?    Or is this a political game to reduce healthcare costs by reducing the number of riders? (We recently had that shot across the bow here in the States)

    In addition to riding your bikes as much as possible as an act of civil disobedience, someone should begin looking for the genesis of this law and the pushing of the police to enforce it against all riders.  Again, without external pressure I just don’t see the police here or there enforcing a law like this when it is easier, faster and more profitable to pull over speeders.

  20. I just got home tonight from clearing my shed out, well some mates did as I was not allowed to go to my own shed which I rent, one which i keep tools a couple of old bikes and parts in. Yes I am a 1%er, I have a criminal record, I was busted in 1984 for drink driving. I have a good job, one in which I paid over $40000-00 tax last financial year. Now I will be looking for another job as they are going to take our white cards AND our high risk licenses off us. Our club has NO criminal conviction recorded against any of our members since being established in Queensland nearly 20 years ago. I have raised my family here and now my son (who has no record) who’s deemed an associate has these draconian laws to deal with as well. These so called social clubs that tolerate these laws are no better than the government, The office bearers should be tried for treason against their fellow countrymen. You could take any subculture and say they are responsible for .04% of crime and brand them criminals as whats happened to us. The police have existing tools to deal with criminals. The fools, and that’s all they are, that are jumping into bed with the government on this can’t see that this is all smoke and mirrors to get more control over the people, unions or any other group that they deem hostile. How many times have governments deceived people in the past? Ask yourselves that…. Wake up Australia.

  21. “He also said more people could be falsely accused of being criminal associates and he couldn’t offer a method of clearing your name”

    There you have it folks. You are guilty as alleged and you have no way of proving innocence.

    Shame about the Toy Runs, they have been infiltrated – and I won’t be going anywhere near them.

    Shame about the ‘Social Clubs’, they have been infiltrated as well.

  22. I have been riding for over 30 years, can’t say I have ever been “Intimidated” by a patch club member, don’t recall hearing any stories of others except idiots acting like idiots.
    Before the laws it was easy to find and keep track of patch members, now it is not. Many many innocent law abiding, tax paying citizens are being punished in this phony war of distraction.
    These laws are bringing our state into disrepute with even Amnesty International describing them as against all accepted precepts of justice.
    We as Queenslanders are once again becoming a national joke and all the old Back to the 1950’s jokes are coming out. Meanwhile the police are looking more and more like American stereotypes from movies. Please stop watching late night TV or listening to American experts.
    This is Australia not LA or Columbia (Sean Choat Member for West Ipswich) we do not have the same gang scene or mentality.

    How many riders know who will be riding with them or where they are going anyway, it is unAustralian to be that organised.

  23. I’m wondering what is the real reason behind these laws…A govt just doesn’t go and do what they have done without a second agenda. This I am sure does not just affect Qld it will affect all of Australia when the law makers reveal their longterm agenda’s. 10 points for the police commissioner going for a ride, it makes feely good news. To state that: “some junior officers not used to dealing with motorcycle riders would be further educated to avoid incorrect interceptions;” actually means that what the bike riders are saying is true that police are un-necessary harassing all bike riders as often as they can.
    Trust between law makers and law enforcers and the general public is crucial and necessary for the continual attitudes of the community. I do not condone any intimidation, lawlessness, criminal behaviour from anyone be they law makers or outlaw doers. We are people who have our right to live peacefully in our own country and not be monopolised by law makers or criminals. Don’t say now that what Qld is doing justifies the end result. You will just shift the problem to another area. I don’t have the answers but I know that to stir-up good people is not the way.

  24. Do the crime do the time. I support that with every govt. But what is going on in Qld is bullshit not the australian way. It will fail. And HOG you do not speak for me your just Yes men. Lowest on the food chain

  25. I am disappointed that the police have been invited to ride in the toyrun, i will be more disappointed if they are put in a position where they are allowed to take a podium and talk to the riders and all I ask is if that happens don’t boo or jeer them, just turn around in silence until they leave. until they start treating the community of riders with respect then they do not deserve the opportunity to address us

  26. Did the police commissioner apologise for the strip search of the soldier the other day outside his own home? Or is this just another inconvenience that we have to put up with. I am wondering if the local police think that anyone wearing a uniform is likely to be a criminal. As a retired soldier who was willing to defend this country I should not have to put up wwith any inconvenience about my lifestyle if I want to ride a bike. Maybe they should clean their own up first.

  27. Jack Dempsey, l have lost all respect for you, l can not believe that you can tar every one with the same brush and will lock people away for 23 hrs a day…. l thought you were an honest descent man who saw both side to a story..but like the rest you are a sheep being lead to his death at the next election…. shame on you Jack

  28. these laws go against our UN rights to associate, to own a business, and so on and so on..
    This wanker Newman is walking in the same steps as Hitler and he doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his way.
    Freedom is what good men fought and died for and some ratbags like Newman and bieliji will not get away with destroying the free county that was Australia.
    Bikies do 1% of the crime in qld, but Newman is trying to convince people they do all the crime… if he was true he would get police out walking the beat and stopping the crime, the other 99% of the crime…that’s what needs to be done.
    And get rid of schoolies, more crime has happened since it started.
    And for bikers to register before they ride is a joke, people do that and the police are on their doorstep before they leave…. photographing them and harassing them.
    And for Newman to say no one get hassled, because no one got hassled Sunday…. people got pulled over that day…but police were told not to arrest….
    These laws affect every qlder, not bikers but every man, woman and child in Queensland. Other types of groups are already seeing signs of police harassment.

    I didn’t vote for Newman but l will never vote labor, who wanted these laws, or liberal again.

    And you can bug my phone, my fb and anything else you like.. l am still free and even if l got locked in jail l would still be free because l am true to myself and you are dictators, forcing bad laws on innocent people.

  29. What can I add, not much. These people at this meeting do not represent me any more than outlaw clubs have intimidated me. Like many others today I have been riding for close to 40 years and in all that time the police are the only ones that have tried to intimidate.
    I wont be registering any rides, as far as I’m concerned I have the same rights as any other Queenslander and I will do as I’ve always done, ride.

  30. I am a rider who is a counsellor. In my world I listen to children and women explain how they are beaten and raped and the police say they are poor witnesses (to young, disables or damaged). The police have a long history of using blame and labels to cover their ineptitude. The bikies are just another group of people who are being systematically disempowered. soon there will be no one left with rights or power. The police will attack who ever the politicians are afraid of next. The rot must be stopped. We have rallied in the thousands only to be ignored, how can we make a change, and make it before the ink dries on our rights, that what I want to know!

    1. Powers being increased for Police to interpret vald at their discretion. Parliament taking charge of the court proceedings, sentencing and incarceration. Experienced Judiciary being undermined and removed. Very small window for the accused to defend themselves and prove their innocence. Evidence squashed of how the CMC had been influenced and coached by the lnp strategists. Ethics committee conveniently removed. Police minister refuses to produce and discuss statistical criminal reports they say is he bases of their evidence against motorcycle clubs and the main reason to introduce Vlad and other ammendments to laws that UNDERMINE QUEENSLAND CITIZENS HUMAN RIGHTS.

      Premier newman publicly announces that members of motorcycle clubs have or are committing specific crimes evident from CMC reports. Why isn’t this evidence being used to make arrests? Instead we are being told the crackdown on all motorcyclist is to find members of ‘declared criminal’ motorcycle clubs. Wouldn’t the EVIDENCE have this information?
      So many contradictions coming from the Premiers phony war campaign that school children can easily identify the discrepancies.

  31. Well gee, I’m going to sleep better tonight knowing that I am free to ride without having to worry about that pesky intimidation from criminal bikies anymore! What a load of [email protected]#&*! In all of my 45 years I have NEVER been harassed or intimidated by ANY biker! But I most certainly can NOT say the same of our police force! I agree that this is a lot of hot air. As long as these laws are tolerated we are being lied to and discriminated against. All Aussies would do well to remember that motorcyclists are just the beginning!

  32. This type of lawmaking started Hitler on his way….. pick on a minority and persecute them. EVERY able bodied motorcycle rider should be in the middle of Brisbane doing laps of the city, clogging the streets, taking every car park on weekdays until big business tells the government to back off…. money talks.

  33. Way to go you stupid bunch of fools. Way to let the police ruin a tradition and cost the kids. Jesus you must have all really thought this through. Now some people may not attend cause of this media stunt and who loses out the kids. All I can say is I hope I’m wrong.

    1. The kids are the ones to suffer worse in the long run! I’m sure that if riders are going to donate they will find a way to. This is much much bigger than a toy run. Grand Flange mentioned a few in his comment.

  34. I was going on the toy run but now this wanker is going count me out I do not agree with newmans laws he is a one term wonder the dictator.
    I will be also cutting my hog membership up I feel that they have turned there backs on there members by suckin up to the dictator. where is free speach sittin down to a Christmas dinner takin the kids to the park havin a b.b.q with ya mates or a beer down the pub??.the cops would be all over ya . so no more charity toy rides for me something I have enjoyed.
    my rides now will be over the border spend my money there .
    so dictator have a good look at what you are doing to this state .
    you an your cops

    1. Good on you, some in that room worry about themselves and forget that this is affecting everyone…. ride with your head high because the head oh HOG should hang her head in shame

    2. Hi George, totally understand your point of view. Very disappointed by the Ulysses and HOG inaction. Don’t let the charities suffer because of your politicians. If you come over the border, don’t forget ‘The Perils of Motorcycling’ to support Batten Disease. They are families all over Oz who get minimal support but are supported by the biking community around the world. Lani (Alanna) Gayko NSW

    FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION (free choice to join a motorcycle club and/or ride the highways and not be discriminated against. Factual evidence proves this dirty lnp campaign has strategically demonised a group of citizens and used them as fall guys to implement this population control law that can be applied to EVERY QUEENSLAND CITIZEN. So please do not be fooled by a nice little meeting that supposedly benefits ‘Innocent riders’. It’s all a big furfy.

    1. Agree Grand much bigger picture here than most people realize. There will be sell outs no matter what fight your in. Those people will have to live with themselves. But the fight will go on !!

  36. Just a thought, could all this ridiculous legislation be just another move to make motorcycling less attractive? I’ve been aware of an anti-motorcyclist agenda here in victoria ever since i’ve been here. i.e. motorcycles explicitly excluded from the census, no mention of powered two wheels in any of the rhetoric regarding our crowded cities, the ever present “license check” (ever had one in a car?) Motorcycles just don’t “fit-in” to the mass of tin tops crowding our streets, and then there’s tolling, the revenue raising radar guns, (oops ,, “safety cameras” ). Just a thought ,,,,,,

  37. Good start we need to show the authorities we are law abiding, and just because we wear black with tatts we are normal people as well

  38. Its bigger than newman I bet he just the fall guy, as much as he might be he is being paid todo it an he does it willingly, the laws are absurd and hell no I will ride with whoever whenever and if I meet another rider on the road I will wave a cheery gidday and ride with them as long as we are heading in the same direction
    and I won’t be ringing anyone to tell them so…that is a joke.

  39. Here is what I posted on Campbell Newmans FB today:

    “So? These new #Bikie laws are based on one single event – by a tiny minority of individuals who probably don’t even ride motorcycles at all. Is this the basis for the persecution and stereotyping of ordinary law abiding people who ride a motorcycle, or choose that as their mode of transport. You don’t find these criminals by pulling over motorcycle riders. Qld Govt has created an Under Class by instituting these VLAD Laws. By taking this approach they have alienated 10’s of thousands of ordinary motorcycle riders – the ones who would have voted Cando in. Now, those people, their family, friends and their wider social network have been lost. This approach is dumb for so many reasons – when a completely different approach could have been taken – one that wouldn’t have upset ordinary law abiding motorcycle riders.

    Lets look at the numbers. The Police estimate that there are 6000 members of Outlaw Clubs in Australia. Of all crime committed in Australia 0.6% is committed by Bikies. So 0.6% of 6000 = 36. So what we are really looking at is 36 individuals – Australia wide. Of those 36, many are already in jail. So one is left task, why is so much money and resources being thrown at chasing Bikies? Could it be that those criminals are not actually Bikies at all? Could it be that they are just violent people – like many other similar criminals in other places? Could it be that they are people with a psychological issue?

    Its great to be tough on crime. But its wrong to stereotype one section of the community. Campbell Newman and I are both Duntroon graduates. I graduated in the Class of 78. Our military training equipped us with the skills to analyse and develop workable solutions to problems like this. It would appear that Campbell has forgotten how to assess all of the approaches that he could have taken.”

    1. sadly Campbell hasn’t forgotten what he learned, divide and conquer, use propaganda to demonize the enemy, you just need to look at the round table talks, HOG Diggers, Ulysses and BMW Club of Queensland., just a few social clubs there, and the promises made that they would be free from intimidation by criminal bikies. so a few do wrong and everyone gets punished out of the MC’s but by meeting with the social clubs and sucking up to them they are winning, because soon these people will stop wanting to help protest any laws…… at the Brisbane rally one speaker spoke of how this is affect peoples lively hoods bike sales are down, QLD is losing over 5 million a week since these laws came in, The thing thats gets to me the most is, no proof, no evidence just a word from the Goverment and your a criminal, and in a few weeks, families will be sitting down enjoying xmas, while MC members won’t be able to go see family as thier in the same club and will risk getting arrested, sad thing is, if this was in South Africa or some other over seas country or god forbid aboriginals , locking people up for 23 hours calling people criminals with no proof people would screaming blue murder…as a heavily tattooed man, I never thought I would see the day where I was no longer allowed to enter clubs and pubs because of my tattoos…..but as I said at the start, he knows what he is doing dividing us and conquering us…. my dad always taught me, no matter what, even if you dislike or disagree with the person next to you, if stand as one you’ll never be beaten

      1. Great words, mate….never be beaten and never back down, Newman is a bully and together we will have him and the AG thrown out of the schoolyard… hang in there 🙂

  40. They’ve always had the laws they need to stop this. They have been sitting on their hands for the last 15 years and now want to look like they’re doing something to the masses who don’t understand the real agenda!

  41. I have served in the Army, RAAF and Federal Police and Iwill tell you one thing, DON’T TRUST COPS !! Be damned if I will change my riding habits and with whom I ride with . I served to stop stuff like this and low and behold the LNP bring in this. I think that Newman must have had his play lunch money nicked off him by a kid on a tricycle at school or one of his exgirlfriends ( or boyfriend), ran off with a guy on a Harley !! (or a simple case of small man syndrome). And to show I don’t give a toss about these WANKERS monitoring comments (which I know they do) , my name is Bruce Passfield from Cairns Qld ….

  42. Why are we arguing about the affects of these laws on recreational motorcyclists? These laws have been sold as anti bikie and we all go this is unfair on everyday motorcyclists. These laws are against everybody. Anybody they deem to be a member or an associate. So why are we walking away going ok us motorcyclists are being heard and it may improve for us. What about anyone else? We could unite all of the public/clubs/ associations. Remember the VLAD legislation does not mention motorcyclists.

  43. How come these people at the meeting are pictured wearing pants? I would have thought it would be more convenient to drop their daks so they could take again.

  44. As for those WIMPS hiding at home because they wish to avoid possible harassment I have only one word: COWARD.

    Just as well you aren’t living under a REAL dictatorship where your fellow countrymen are hoping they can count on your support for political change!

    Cast your mind back to the history of East Timor, Argentina, Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany and so on. Would you have been prepared to have been a member of the Underground resistance (= life/death) in any of these situations.for the principle of Freedom?

    Our bikie harassment stuff is child’s play compared to that which people have fought for on the world stage for their nation’s freedom, so IMHO unless you are prepared to stand up for your right riding freedom by *action* and not just moaning and copping out, then the riding community would be better off without you. Go on … sell your bike and be gone. Be an insipid bystander.

    The personal stakes are lower in this situation but the principle remains the same, and so therefore should be the response: full-on reaction!

    We haven’t inherited our present society, with it’s Rule of Law – refined over the last 1000 years or so since the signing of the Magna Carta – without men of principle being prepared to challenge, at every turn, attempts to subvert its foundation principles for their own ambitions, be they of the smallest, most trivial intent.

    After all, a trifling crack in the dam wall is still a crack, as small as it may be, yet if not sealed it becomes a ‘larger’ small crack, then a ‘small’ larger crack and so on to destruction.


    John C.

  45. Good Cop – Bad Cop has been used by the cops and pollies for ages…no-one is going to fall for this ‘kissy-kissy’ approach. They WILL continue to target you, They WILL continue to pull you over..this is a reaction to an overwhelming turnout against them on Sunday.
    In the words of that immortal song..”we won’t be fooled again”!!

  46. Why doubt something before it’s tried, negativity gets us nowhere in life, if we all stopped scowling & whinging about the situation and put as much effort into fixing the problem it may just work. It is a proven fact that it’s easier to work together than in different directions plus this is only the first combined meeting held with high ranking Government Representation & the Australian Motorcycle Council as it will most probably be the first of many I would hope.

    To ALL you doubters, do you honestly think for one minute the Government would go to all the trouble of having a meeting with AMC, MRAQ, Diggers, Ulysses, BMWQ and not forgetting Kim Williams from Harley Owners Group Australia? Do you realise how many voters ride Harley’s in Queensland & Australia?

    I would hope that not only Queensland but also the rest of the States do the same. Perhaps the Registered Recreational Clubs should think of instigating a “State or National” executive body to meet on a regular basis with Government Representatives to air possible problems before they escalate. Food for thought.

  47. A cop is a cop is a cop I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could through them and I wodn’t piss on them if they were on fire. They just do the bidding of the government and go a bit further. F88k Them.

  48. I’m puzzled.

    While I applaud the round table (the more U talk the less U fight), I can’t ever remember any of ‘my’ riding groups ever being sussed out by a bikie for an easy membership target.

    Quite the opposite. To any experienced social rider these guys (and any of their imitators) stick out like the proverbial shag-on-a-rock and are quietly ignored at cafes and other meeting places etc.

    Judging by ‘the’ crim-bikie’s propensity for body building and tatts I’d think gyms and ink parlours would be their fishing ground.

    Maybe The Gummint, in isolation from ‘average rider’ contact, has developed a trench mentality paranoia regarding the supposed methodology and reach of villians into the ranks of riders.

    One aspect not understood by The Gummint, IMHO, is the Police element who will use The Law just ‘cos they can. You know – the one’s who pulled wings off flies at school.

    So I’m not prepared to cynically write-off the outcome of this meeting and I do hope they continue. But I will be watching for outcomes. Not expecting overnight miracles, but evidence of progress would be good.

    Forgotten who (JFK or Martin Luther King or similar) said that as long men come together with good will in their hearts we can have hope for a future.

    Mark H: thanks very much for all your work surrounding this issue.


    John C.

  49. Hahaha you guys are funny.
    Register my rides………ummm no fkn way.
    I will NOT be changing the way I ride in any way shape or form.
    Feel free to pull me over while I record you being absolute dicks

  50. All sounds great in theory if for one minute that you could actually believe anything a politician and a cop told you since when does either ly straight in bed. What will really prove to me is if any of what they say ever comes to fruition. And the registering of rides or runs wow anyone that goes skiing, or boating or any other social activity have to register there intentions because on any weekend don’t those groups have in their ranks members of declared clubs participating. To date its still not illegal for any declared member to ride their bike or wear their club logos so even if they were on these rides what are the cops going to do anyway its not against the law. And as far as ensuring that they arnt on the rides by then profiling all the riders on every ride anyone ask what then happens to all that info get destroyed I doubt it. As far as the toy runs go these cops never give a rats about toys for kids at Xmas every before see any giving any money at Daniel Morecombe ride or any other it’s a publicity stunt to sucker punch all the naive individuals who think that some how the police or government actually care. This is just them going into damage control after the turn out in brisbane and across the country. If they won’t answer the question in regards to what constitutes an associate as you would expect they could its because everyone sitting at the table and the majority of all the people they represented were by virtue of the laws associate that’s why they wouldn’t answer. Plain and simple I’ve been riding for over thirty years and it was us and them back before then its been us and them every day since and it will always be us and them .

  51. Campbell Newman should get on the back of a bike and join in the toy run after all it is for a good cause but then again he would try and take over the run and wreck it for everyone.

  52. This is what you get when you spin spin with more spin. This minister is seriously deluded. “……the Minister promised that in the long-term, recreational rider numbers would grow and they would enjoy an “improved environment for recreational riders”, free from intimidation by criminal bikies….” WHAT??? The government creates an environment of fear and intimidation for those they admit are not the target of their ridiculously fascist legislation, authorise the police to engage in a campaign of intimidation and then claim this is going to lead to a better environment. And all this has been done under a delusion that all ‘bikies’ are criminals. This government is possibly the worst example of what democracy has become – a political culture obsessed by populism and actually controlled by corporations who can’t vote. This government’s code for that is “We make no apology for being aggressively pro-business”. That translates as “We are aggressively anti-citizen’.

    I agree that dialogue is always preferable to violent confrontation. But how can you have a dialogue with a government that simply does not understand the principles of liberal democracy? They know that motorcyclists have zero effect on their chances of election. So do not suppose for a minute that they are paying any heed to what we are telling them. That is not dialogue. That is mere complaint, complaint that in practice is clearly being ignored. At least it seems that the coppers think they have a PR problem. And that takes us back to the obsession with populism.

    If we get free tolls, footpath parking and registration relief out of some sense of ’embarrassment’ felt by a populist prostitute, I will feel a little guilty taking those damp squibs while fellow citizens are being persecuted under draconian fascist laws that criminalise who they are, not what they do. Perhaps the Council of Australian Jewry could remind these jokers what happened in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s when being a Jew was criminalised.

  53. As for the National Hog Rally next year I don’t think I will be attending as riding there and constant harassment I don’t need , I have nothing to hide or fear but why should I be pulled up by the incompetent Police service because I choose to ride a Harley , Can someone tell me where in the legislation it refers to Bikies, Bikers or Motorcycle Riders , It’s all about association , The local CWA could be named as an outlaw gang !!! Under these laws .

    Bleije and Newman have feed the public with one lye after another . If 6-10 bikers per week have been arrested I think the Gaols would be filling fast in QLD ? .

    The bikers @ the Gold Coast remember have only caused 0.6% of the crime there ? Well it’s quite obvious that the motor cycle crowd are an easy target for the Government .

    As for registering a ride in QLD , What part of get fcked don’t the Qld Government and Police understand , It won’t be happening

  54. I wont register to ride ever. Why should I. If I meet others and going so be it. Next we will be registering truck trips and car trips.
    Nor will it stop me riding. The more we get pulled over the more noise we will make. Let them keep chasing their tails. All is has done is make criminals be more carwful and hide. Not stop, and allowed other crims to continue out of rhe microscopw while police are busy wasting rime on people doing nothing wrong. Will be intersting to see the latest real crime stats. See how much other crime has risen while police are busy chasing ghosts.

  55. I read this and it seems everyone there is hoping the “outlaw gangs” will be gone from Queensland/Australia, so all this protesting on dec 1st is only to protect groups that aren’t named criminals by the goverment?? and these people have no problem with that?? they have proberly over time had dealings with MC member and didn’t know it, whilst everyone sits down with family at xmas time, families from named clubs will not be able to enjoy the same, I really think this is sad, a few do wrong and everyone in the clubs pay for it, then on top of that to have other riders treating you as leppers makes it worse

  56. It’s a very sad situation that the Government had to resort to the current state of play to achieve their result, when one considers they and the QPS ALREADY had the necessary resources, tools, intelligence AND laws in place to arrest criminal bike gangs (who, as we know only make up a tiny fraction of the criminal activity in this state anyway).
    Isn’t it ironic that when some months back commerce on the Gold Coast were BEGGING for a greater police presence, only to be told that policing was under staffed, yet when the fights broke out in Broadbeach suddenly out of the blue more police were allocated to the Gold Coast……..come one now……I don’t buy the rhetoric and deception for one moment.
    Truth is, no matter what the government and police do to eliminate bikie crime, the bikies will invariably come up with a different game plan. This type of thing has been going on for many milleniums
    I can assure you…….what we are going thru now will only be a temporary fix to the criminal bikie issue and in the meantime all honest bikers, and affiliated business will suffer(and already IS)
    All the Government has done is to get the current laws and give them a different title…. a bit like re-inventing the wheel, don’t you think?
    Coming from a warehousing & logistics background I learned (through “hands on” & courses undertaken) that good outcomes can only be achieved by keeping the processes simple (K.I.S.S.).
    Clearly the government is incapable of this.

  57. “open dialogue is better than no dialogue” … totally agree with this.
    These kinds of meetings are a great opportunity to bring real issues to the attention of those in government and a great time to strike on some issues while the political iron is hot.
    It would be awesome to see riders represented by a council made up of many rider groups like this which has to be a more effective representation than what we have (or rather don’t have) now.

    Anyone saying they will boycott a toy run because a police officer chooses to attend needs to look long and hard at their attitude and priorities.

  58. im with you cal -you hit the nail on the head m8–they are NOT REAL PEOPLE its always going to be them and us -goes way back to the convict days -will never change to deeply entrenched im afraid let the thugs have their fun-we will have our day and I hope newman gets sued bigtime

  59. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears to me that the police who claim only to be acting on behalf of the government directive really seem to be relishing this opportunity to flex their muscle against the motorcycling community. They do not need to protect me from the “outlaw gangs” as I do know a number of members who are simply hardworking lawful members of the community who have simply had their freedoms taken away from them under a presumption of guilt by association. Tell him to stay home and away from the Toy Run, we don’t need or want his presence as it is purely a publicity stunt.

  60. Let me be the first to comment Mark. Where were the mob at the table who purport to be the voice and representatives of motorcyclists on Sunday? Can’t recall seeing any office holders from Ulysses, Mearns, BMW club or HOG there, but if they were I stand corrected. Registering rides is playing into the hands of this outrageous legislation and is supine and spineless ness in the extreme. Are we doing anything illegal? No. Do we pay our registration fees like all other motorists? Yes. What this compliance does is make it difficult for all of us who refuse to comply and smacks of collaboration, much like those in occupied countries invaded by hostile forces. They should all resign and hand over to those prepared to fight for the rights of their members.

      1. of course they are represented ,because Harley would be losing sales over this, I wonder if Dempsey will want to lead it on his Police Bike.

    1. Pauk
      It might be better if you got a little more back ground before you encompass all with your blanket statements and demands.
      Do a little more research and then perhaps revise your post.

  61. They really said all this??? ““improved environment for recreational riders”, free from intimidation by criminal bikies.” did they seem like they were on drugs?

    I am not going to register a ride – its offensive. Has anyone explained why a bikie gang wouldn’t simply register a ride if that’s all it took to avoid police scrutiny!!

    I also wont be going on the toy run now.

    Did they explain why the legislation doesn’t mention bikies and that bikie gangs are only responsible for such a low amount of crime.

    1. i want to know how they can acuse anyone of being a criminal when thec constitution clearly states that it is an offence to call any one no matter race or religeon a criminal or a drug dealer any thing if it has not been proven in the high court of the country,im a bikie i dont manufacture drugs or sell them to kids i had two kids of my own whom have grown up and are having families them selves.cambell newan has basically accused me of this and i take offence to him.the club im in has strict rules nominee for twelve months thena hundred percant vote in. im in an australian club not a gang 45 years old its not about being a bikie its a choice a life style freedom and liberties .. if the politicians can do this againts our rights then im not proud to be australian im learning to hate and i dont normally hate. they need to be charged for there accusations and there properganda fear mongering and suppressionism . i thought we vote them in they work for the people well WHY are they telling us like little school children basically ” go to the naughty corner for doing no wrong it breads contempt and bad thoughts im AUSTRALIAN AND HAVE THE MORALS THAT WE WERE ALL RAISED WITH, LIFE STYLE, FREEDOM. SPEAK YOUR MIND/FREEDOM OF SPEECH .AND TOLD THAT I AM BORN A FREE MAN. ITS ALL GONE

      1. Chris, It would be nice if the Constitution did say that, but unlike the USA we lack a bill of rights to protect us from politicians. You might be good with a libel suit though. I think every 1% club member (or at least the 25 named in the legislation) should get together a class action against Demsey – he thoroughly deserves it.

        I hope this legislation wakes people up to realise that they need to be protected from Campbell Newman, not motorcycle clubs.

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