Wheelrider top box

Motorcycle top box converts to wheelie bag


This is the ultimate motorcycle luggage for people who travel as this top box converts to a wheelie bag, leaving a rack to secure your helmet, a USB to charge your phone and rain covers for your seat and helmet.

So far the Wheelrider is only a prospective product, but the inventors are running a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to get enough money to go into production.

It’s one of the smartest designs we’ve seen.Wheelrider top box

Basically, it’s a standard top box and purpose-built rack.

When you park, you can easily unlock and detach the top box from the rack, then pull out the extendable handle and wheel it away on to a plane or into your office/work.Wheelrider top box

Meanwhile, there is a high-tensile 5mm steel wire in the rack that you can use to secure your helmet.Wheelrider top box

The Wheelrider comes with interchangeable lids so you can have it in standard airplane carry-on size of 25cm (9.8in), or fit the higher lid to store a full-face helmet.

Inside are three compartments, including a padded laptop pouch. You can also remove the interior compartments and have one big case for bulky items such as your helmet.Wheelrider top box

Accessories include a twin USB powerbank to charge your phone and/or tablet while you’re parked via an integrated 6W solar panel and a small pouch that contains waterproof covers for your helmet and the seat so you come back to a nice dry cockpit.Wheelrider top box

The developers hope to go into production mid-2016 at a cost of $US480. It will come in six different colours and a carbon-fibre model at $2000.Wheelrider top box

They need $100,000 to get started and have so far raised $5000 on their Kickstarter site with a month to go.

  1. Nice idea.
    The solar cell and power banks should be an optional extra.
    If they design the mount plate so that it can be attacked to a Givi or other brand rack as well as their own they will increase the appeal especially if the plate is designed to attach to the side of the bike as well so the case can be used as panniers.

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