Top 10 sexy motorcycles

What are the top 10 sexy motorcycles, I hear you ask. Good question and I know the answers.

This is obviously all subjective, of course,  so it doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Because they are my choices, you will find a preponderance of retro models and Italians among the list.

There are few sportsbikes listed because I believe the engine is the basis of sexy motorcycles so it shouldn’t be shielded by plastic bodywork. That said, sometimes the designer gets the bodywork so right it becomes desirable.

You will also find no BMWs, even though I have owned six and currently own the last of the airheads R 1200 GS models. They are beautiful in their own way, probably because of the admiration we feel for their Germanic utilitarianism. However, that precludes them from being sexy motorcycles, doesn’t it? The S 1000 RR went close, but its cockeyed headlights make it more quirky than sexy.

So here are my choices of top 10 sexy motorcycles and I would welcome your input (fill in the box below “Comments?” at the end of the page):

Sexy motorcycles Victory Judge
Victory Judge

10 Victory Judge
The Judge is all about a menacing, muscular design like the Pontiac and even comes with a hero orange “suede” color option and five-spoke “mag” wheels like its namesake ’60s muscle car. This no-frills “brat” bike features drag-style handlebars, a high and fat front tyre with white lettering and a board tracker-styled number plate on the side. Just one note of incongruity here – the modern LED taillights.

Sexy motorcycles
Husqvarna Nuda

9 Husqvarna Nuda 900
A stick insect enduro bike on steroids. All angular and aggressive and in your face. It was either this or the KTM 990 SMR, but I think the Husky is a little more radical. Besides, it’s always difficult to make fluoro orange look sexy.


Sexy motorcycles
Kawasaki Vaquero

8 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero
Who says the Japanese can’t make a beautiful cruiser? The idea of a frame-mounted fairing is very practical for handling and aero reasons, but it’s difficult to make it look good. Harley’s Road Glide looks almost brutally ugly, while Honda’s stripped-down Gold Wing F6B in matte black looks like a Batman bike. The big Kwaka features soft contours that combine in harmony to create a flowing model. And, in fine details, the quality of finish is exemplary as I am finding in more and more Kwakas these days.


Sexy motorcycles
Aprilia Tuono

7 Aprilia Tuono V4
Of all the naked bikes, you would think the Ducati Monster that started the trend would be my fave. However, they have softened the look in recent years with too many curves. It’s a neater design, but it’s lost a lot of its raunchiness. The Tuono has always been so much more like a shirt-off stud. More a Vin Diesel than a Paul Walker.


Sexy motorcycles
Vespa 946

6 Vespa 946
Ok, so it’s a scooter, not a bike, and it’s covered in bodywork. But this scooter made it all the way from extravagant concept model to production model with very few changes along the way and that’s always a sign of good design. It even includes the radical floating seat of the concept. It will only be made in limited numbers and should be an instant collector’s classic.


Sexy motorcycles
Harley Iron

5 Harley 883 Iron
Which Harley to choose? There are so many that ooze style. But it’s the cheapest and most simplistic that really appeals. Probably because it’s such a great blank canvas for modern customising trends. Just look at its profile and those perfect V-shaped wedges in the engine and the whole rear of the bike.


Sexy motorcycles
Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

4 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
There are a few bikes that do the retro racer style quite well such as the Triumph Thruxton and Ducati Sport 1000, but I notice the latter is now off the Aussie market. I’ve gone with the Guzzi because of its all-out attention to detail, such as the number plates and drilled metal battery cover. I could see Brando riding one of these.


Sexy motorcycles
Ducati Diavel

3 Ducati Diavel
Not the Panigale. While the 916 was gorgeous in every way, there are a few angular inconsistencies in the Panigale, especially the cut-away fairing. Whereas the Diavel is one horny devil from its massive rear tyre to the curly pipe work, trellis frame and all the way to the pugnacious nose cone. I also considered the Suzuki B-King which is another bike that went from concept to production with few compromises. But it’s a bit bulbous and Transformer-like, while the Diavel is a more sensual mix of modern art and functional mechanics.


Sexy motorcycles
MV Agusta F4

2 MV Agusta F4
How could I not include the bike commonly referred to as the sexiest bike in the world. From its reptilian face, through it’s deliciously curvaceous tank to its organ-style quad under-seat pipes, it screams thigh-gripping sex. This is the Ferrari of the bike world.


Sexy motorcycles

1 Triumph Scrambler
Think Steve McQueen, the king of cool and one of the most enduring icons of motorcycling. The Scrambler is adorned with the Bonneville parallel twin engine which is, in itself, a work of art and a create-feeling engine when revved hard. From its single headlight and modest instrumentation through to its knobby tyres, it spells functional artistry. The high standard pipes and the aftermarket Arrows exhaust are sculptured works of art that offset the simplistic and utilitarian look of the bike. It’s sexy adolescent fun on a beach.

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Ok, c’mon, wanna pick a fight? Make some noise and disagree or agree with me. Leave your comments below.


  1. Love the rationale for choosing the 883 as the sexiest of Harleys because it’s cheap and simple. Just how we like our women eh…?

  2. New Yamaha XSR 900 has to be up there – neo retro styling and well priced with awesome performance and all day long comfort.

  3. There was one bike at the 2013 Motorcycle Show in Sydney that really grabbed my attention and ultimately my savings, BMW R Nine T. After one year of ownership I haven’t regretted buying it and I still believe it’s the best looking bike around. Eye of the beholder I guess!

  4. A few years ago my early twenties son asked me to help him find a naked sports bike that’s beautiful,powerful, reliable, sounds great, handles well, not expensive and uncommon. We settled on the Cagiva raptor 1000, classic Italian design with a bullet proof Suzuki v twin.

  5. The V7 Racer? You should look to the V7 Stone instead, not only cheaper but much more minimalist and “sexy” in design. The Racer version is crowded with fussy and embellishments that make it look like a cheap eyesore. The worst bit is the #7 race number graphics that cannot be removed without removing a corresponding piece of body work.

    Husqvarna? It maybe awesome in performance and utility but in no way is sexy from a design standpoint. Butt ugly.

    The Harley? Same basic design from the beginning of the sportster but with flat black paint.

    You should have included some of the newer bikes like the BWW R nineT or any Ducati other than the over done Diaval

  6. Sexy is as sexy does! Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and thus subjective. No 916 or Green frame? No RC30? No Hodaka Combat Wombat? No BKing? This is a debate which could stretch on forever.

  7. A very good write up. Nice work, must say was a little surprised to see a Harley in the mix here. Though your notes mitigate the inclusion somewhat.

  8. I am fortunate to have a few bikes for different occasions, including a GS for the rough stuff, however a bike with great looks for me always was a hard choice between the look of the Triumph Thruxton V the Scrambler. Both look simply brilliant, what a straight up bike should be. Finally decided on a black Thruxton, stained tune pipes and loving it as a fun Perth hills run around – Greg G

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