Bico Keyring for fathers day

Titanium keyrings for Father’s Day

These titanium Bico Keyklipz keyrings are the ideal gift for a rider or the final stylish touch for your motorcycle!

The Keyklipz keyrings are designed and made in Australia and cost $49.95 for the darker stone tumbled finish and $55 for a lighter hand-brushed finish. 

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Keyklipz keyrings are jewellery quality and include a carabiner-style locking mechanism with an extra secure internal gate/spring on some models so you can never lose a key off the ring. You also don’t need to use your fingernail to prise a keyring apart to get a key on or off.

The Keyklipz designs include a teardrop (like a fuel tank), chunky cross, heart and even one with a beer bottle opener!

You can also use it as a carabiner for hooking your helmet strap to the bike, securing luggage, or small multi-tools.

They are manufactured using EDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machine) technology which is slow and expensive, but precise.

The stone tumbled/washed finish is achieved through acid washing, hand burnishing and then placing them in a vibrator filled with actual stones and special liquids and left for 36 hours.

The final surface is smooth and has a natural grey colour that has a textured look.

The hand-brushed keyrings are stone tumbled, then hand-brushed with a variety of sand papers and diamond wheels to cut the grey skin off the surface leaving a bright silver ‘matte’ finish.

They are tough and importantly they look stylish enough to match your motorcycle.Bico Keyklipz platinum keyrings

  1. Super excited to be scoring one of these awesome keyrings!

    Thanks to and Bico for making awesome keyrings!

  2. I have to say… I won one of these in a competition last year and they are amazing!

    Very safe due to the special security feature so anything that is attached to this keyring won’t fall off anytime soon and the build quality is really good. Plus the joy of opening a cold one without needing to carry half a tone of metal with me…this thing is light as air.

    Thanks to Mark and the all the people at Bico.

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