BMW Titan Concept
BMW Titan Concept

Is the Titan Concept the future for BMW?

Before you get too excited, this BMW Titan Concept streamliner is just the imagining of freelance industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Edem of Turkey.

Mehmet seems fixated on BMWs and streamliners and has designed several other amazing concept motorcycles.

His previous concept designs seem to be powered by the Boxer engine.

However, this one may have the 1600cc engine from the big K 1600 tourers. Apparently it would be supercharged or turbocharged.

The BMW Titan Concept is inspired by the streamlined shape of a shark that allows them to swim through the water with a minimum amount of effort.BMW Titan Concept

Similarly, the aerodynamic lines of the Titan should help it move quickly through the air.

The closed front reduces wind resistance and funnels air towards the air intakes to cool the engine.

The rear wheel has a side-locked extension of the air intakes and is attached by an enclosed swingarm.

These design traits increase the aerodynamics and Memet says it would be a good vehicle to set a land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

But the Titan is only a design at the moment and there is no word from BMW about whether they will take up the young Turk’s suggestion.

However, BMW is believed to be considering other models powered by the 1600cc inline six engine, including a bagger and a naked bike.

  1. Well they wouldn’t need to supply a centre stand as it isn’t capable of leaning more than a few degrees to either side.

  2. Looks like it has the turning circle of a road train with the ground clearance in these renders, I doubt you could lean it at all. So how is it supposed to tun if it can’t lean?

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