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Many motorcycles come with suspension that is non-adjustable or only has minor adjustment such as rear preload to compensate for luggage and/or a pillion. Bikes with suspension that has separate adjustment for compression and rebound are usually more expensive. But all bikes — no matter how much they cost —... Read More
Learn crash video
We can all learn something from this video from a Canadian truck’s dash cam that captures the moment a rider hits a freeway barrier and flies over the side of the off-ramp. It happened in Montreal last week and the unlicensed rider suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries. The male rider... Read More

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How to afford the bike you want and not get ripped off. How to get the best deal, when to buy, what to buy and what to look for when buying and selling. All finance advice here.

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rona riders Travel bans Will pandemic travel bans ever end? incriminate
With riders facing hefty fines for breaking the coronavirus Home Confinement Direction, some have suggested rona riders should reserve their rights to silence when pulled over by police. While exercising... Read More
Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain downhill lone committed
We all enjoy going hard some times, but if you are an over-committed rider, you leave no margin for error and the results can be catastrophic. While other motorists should... Read More
Indian Scout Bobber roadside chloe
Riders all around Australia are being offered discounted national roadside assistance coverage thanks to the collaboration of the Motorcycle Council of NSW and Australian 24/7 Roadside Services. The service is... Read More

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