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Motul dry cleaning
By dry cleaning your motorcycle we don’t mean sending it to the dry cleaners! We are talking about cleaning your motorcycle without using water. It’s especially an issue during this prolonged drought. Dry cleaning is also handy for those who live in apartments and can’t get access to a hose and...

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rona riders Travel bans Will pandemic travel bans ever end? incriminate
With riders facing hefty fines for breaking the coronavirus Home Confinement Direction, some have suggested rona riders should reserve their rights to silence when pulled over by police. While exercising...
Top tips for tight motorbike turns rising tide of female riders
I’ve read several articles that advise what motorcycle suits women best, but they all reach different conclusions. Really, the best bike for a woman is … every bike! Women come...
(Contributed post for our North American readers. Image source: Pexels.com) Drunk driving remains a serious issue. In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 10,874 people died in drunk driving...
Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain downhill lone committed
We all enjoy going hard some times, but if you are an over-committed rider, you leave no margin for error and the results can be catastrophic. While other motorists should...

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