Tilting Motor Works trike conversion
Tilting Motor Works trike conversion

Tilting trike conversion for Harley-Davidson

The growing demand for trikes has yielded some interesting conversion kits such as this new one from Tilting Motor Works that converts most Harley-Davidsons into a reverse trike with two wheels up front.

The base unit costs about $US10,000 while a roll-over stabiliser increases the price to $US13,000.

The Tilting Motor Works conversion kit includes new wheels, tyres, brakes, suspension and drivetrain.

Tilting Motor Works trike conversion
Tilting Motor Works trike conversion

It fits all Harleys except the V-Rod and is being adapted to fit the Honda Gold Wing.

The Seattle-based company is not the only one doing the tilting reverse trike conversion. The Scorpion Trikes kit costs about $US5000 and only fits the Harley V-Rod.

Scorpion trike
Scorpion trike

The growth in trikes is being spurred by ageing riders who want to continue to ride but can’t hold up a big touring bike and new mature-aged riders who don’t want to ride a motorcycle but want the thrill of the open air.

Trikes are in abundance at Australian motorcycle rallies such as the Ulysses Club.

In the US, sales of Harley’s Tri Glide and new stripped-down Freewheeler are doing well against the Can-Am Spyder range and Polaris Slingshot which is more like a three-wheeler car than a motorcycle.

Trike Harley Tri Glide freewheeler safety recall
Harley Tri Glide

The Harley three-wheelers have not been approved for mass import into Australia, but some small importers bring in American models and comply them.

Polaris Australia has not yet decided whether they will bring in the Slingshot.

Polaris Slingshot SL LE
Polaris Slingshot SL LE
  1. The header photo for this story looks like a convoy of Harley’s or a series of shots of the same bike time lapse style but looking closer I think the guy who did the photos for the Irainian stealth fighter may have done the work.

  2. Sorry but by the looks of the vrod version it still won’t go round bends as well as your average moped. The tilting versions might a nice set of close ups of the mechanics would be good.

    1. Riding style is different to your average moped on a thing like this
      you use braking and traction to skid steer the thing a bit like an
      outfit on the dirt, according to the article this is the tilt version

  3. One of those v-rods would be a hoot
    as long as you could keep the safety nazis
    off them . abs,stabilizers and traction control
    would ruin it

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