Return of the Honda Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is riding back!

The trimmed-down Honda GoldWing was a big hit back in Australia until it was phased out in 2005.

But there has always been hope of it returning.2014 Honda Valkyrie

Remember the Rhune limited edition bike?

Then this year Honda came back with an F6B which was a stripped down Wing that looked like it had gone under a boom gate and knocked off the screen and top box.

Read my review here.

Now it has been stripped back to a cross between the F6B and the Rhune.

The previous Valkyrie was more traditional, but this muscular monster is futuristic and bound to be a crowd pleaser.

It is still powered by the same 1832cc flat six, but now it has an even better power-to-weight ratio with a running weight of 340kg which is 45kg less than the F6b and 83kg less than the Wing.2014 Honda Valkyrie
Modern touches include LED headlight, taillight and indicators; multi-function digital LCD instrumentation and ABS.

It will be built in the US from early next year and be available there in April.

No word yet on availability in Australia, but we must be getting it because they are planning to issue a press release later today or tomorrow.

It comes in black, metallic red or this beautiful blue.

  1. I have a ’99 Valkyrie and I am definitely up for one of these new ones. I quite liked the F6B but it wasn’t naked enough for me. This new Valkyrie looks great. Lots of traditional Valkyrie owners are gonna complain about the lack of chrome, but we are now well into the 21st century. It’s time to move on from 1950s designs.

  2. Only problem is that it is still a Honda. People who buy cruisers want something traditional and something without too much plastic. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is stunning but will it appeal to the masses?

    I would buy one but don’t know whether it will appeal to the traditional buyers of this category.

  3. This bike is awesome and Honda have sold at least one if it comes our way. I’ve owned three Goldwings and this will be number four if price comes in below $24000 ride away as it should, having significantly less gear than $26000 F6B. Why pay more for a V2 when this gem is available?

    1. I have test driven a few times. I decided to buy a 2014 Valkyrie 1832cc black today and pick up on Wednesday. I love it. It’s the modern-looking cruiser.

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