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The 2020 Ride ADV Women’s Only Ride from Singleton to Tamworth Was a Success

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Women make up an ever-increasing percentage of the motorcycling community and there are many events and organizations that help support getting women to ride. One of them is the Ride ADV Women’s Only Adventure Ride event. Recently, there was a ride from Singleton to Tamworth.

According to MCNews, the recent ride was a success, with plenty of riders coming out to do the 500 km ride. The event saw riders of all skill levels come out from women who had no experience riding in the dirt to veterans. The youngest rider was a 17-year-old student named Abi Chadwick. She’s a great rider, though, and got her start on a PW50 at age four.

Another younger rider, Annika Mountstephens had this to say about the ride:

“It was really cruisey and super fun, I didn’t know what to expect but now I have a taste for this and maybe venturing even further off-road. I got heaps of riding tips from a great bunch of people and I’ll definitely be signing up for some dirt bike training. There were so many fun people on the ride and the Ride ADV crew made me feel welcome, I highly recommend other girls joining even if, like me, you have little to no experience!”

Future events are planned for 2021. You can check out the Ride ADV website to learn more about these upcoming events. 

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