Texting while driving

Texting drivers make riders maddest

Texting drivers make riders the maddest, but other badly behaved motorcyclists are not far behind, according to our reader survey of what peeves you the most.

More than 900 votes were cast in our short online survey that found texting drivers were the top-scoring motorcyclist peeve with 11.7% of the vote.

It was closely followed by drivers not looking for riders (10.4%) and motorists not indicating when they change lanes (8%).

But our ire isn’t totally reserved for cagers. It seems other motorcyclists who misbehave (possibly speeding, weaving dangerously through traffic or maybe pulling wheelies in public places) also causes us some angst as the fourth top-scoring peeve in our list of 20 with 7.1%.

The full results are:

Answer Votes
Drivers texting
Being cut off
Drivers not looking for riders
Other riders not waving
Shoddy roadworks
Metal grates
Right-lane hogs
Dazzling high-beam headlights
Moped riders
Cars in motorbike parking spaces
Trucks/caravans passing other trucks/caravans
Trucks/caravans not pulling over in passing lane
Motorists not indicating to change lanes
Slow drivers not using turn-out bays to allow you to pass
Motorists not leaving a gap for lane filtering
Drivers wanting to drag you from the lights when you’re filtering
Riders misbehaving and giving us all a bad name
Speed cameras at the bottom of a hill or hidden
Police licence checks that only stop riders

The “Other” category revealed some interesting votes:

  • Cars;
  • Caravans not leaving enough space between other caravans;
  • All of the above…lol;
  • Turning into a multi lane road and drivers failing to turn into closest lane;
  • Not indicating on roundabouts;
  • Cars on roundabouts;
  • Drivers who think they can beat a motorcycle and don’t give way; and
  • Dogs on the drivers’ laps.

We started our survey last week after a British online survey of 1000 riders was released that showed Suzuki riders cop the most road rage followed by Harley riders and their biggest gripe is getting cut up in traffic, drivers texting and “bike blindness”.

While neither of these surveys are exactly definitive studies, they fairly closely mirror an annual RACQ survey which finds texting and talking on the mobile phone while behind the wheel the biggest motorist gripe.
texting while driving causes road rage cop

  1. Spotted a driver dental flossing on the M5 the other day,I’m sick and tired of seeing this crap whilst riding and putting up with it and not a police car/motorbike in sight of course.

  2. Interesting that talking on a hand-held phone isn’t on the list. I assume that ‘drivers texting’ also covers use of social media and other online activity.

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